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Chris “CJ” McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder talked ‘Hate’ with The Age Of Metal



Deathcore Australian sensation Thy Art Is Murder just released their new album Hate a couple days back here in the US, and they also in the fight for the opening spot at the Summer Slaughter Tour this year.

Taking a different approach, and a daring new direction this band is not like your normal ‘core’ band, so forget about a breakdown-saturated album. The band applies these techniques where they fit rather than everywhere on the album just to make it heavier. So the pounding and punishment that this album delivers still there just that it’s more sophisticated than any of the other bands out there.

After touring Australia countless times, and had the chance to tour Europe last year, they now want to invade the US as the opening band for The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013, so give them a vote and help them get their Aussies asses here for this year’s tour

Last week we had the chance to chat with vocalist Chris “CJ” McMahon about their, new album, their chance to play in the US, and what is Thy Art Is Murder all about.

Thy Art Is Murder - Hate - Artwork

The Age Of Metal:  Hate, your new album will be out in the UK April 1st/ US April 2nd /EU April 5th, what is the Idea behind this album?

CJ: The title sums it up pretty well! Hate for religious meddling in science and education, hate for humanity and our collective stupidity.

TAOM: How was the creative and the writing process for Hate?

CJ: Everyone worked on material by themselves then we got together to hash it out. Pretty standard! Band members live in both Sydney and Brisbane which are pretty far apart so there was lots of demoing and emailing.

TAOM: What kind of impact had the addition of the new members (Andy Mash & Tom Brown) on how the band sounds, and later on in the album itself?

CJ: Band wise the guys had been there for a while but Hate is the first time they’ve written as Thy Art As Murder. They both worked really well with Lee and Sean and pushed our sound in a new direction, there’s a lot more atmosphere and cohesiveness that wasn’t there with the old material and it’s blast / sweep / breakdown style.

TAOM: What would you say is the factor that breaks Thy Art Is Murder apart from other extreme metal bands?

CJ: That we have pet kangaroos!

TAOM: After hearing the album, I notice that the breakdowns actually make this album work, and gave the record a personality on its own compared with other bands within the same genre. How do you decide where to use a breakdown in a song and where not to use it?

CJ: The songs dictate what they need. A never ending breakdown is cool for Bury Your Dead but not us.

TAOM: Thy Art Is Murder is one of the leading bands on the poll for the opening slot on this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, which could be the band’s first North American tour ever. What the North American fans can expect in a Thy Art Is Murder show?

CJ: Oh man, if we win and get to play Summer Slaughter we will freak the fuck out, it’s an incredible tour. US fans can expect a giant kick in the face from us as the opening act each night! If we win of course ha!.

TAOM: In the last 5 years Australia had become the destination for many bands, at the same the launching platform for bands like you guys. But how do you describe the metal scene in Australia, or at least in Sidney?

CJ: It’s quite fractured which is a shame. The “hardcore” scene is quite big and appeals to lots of kids, the bands birthed from that are all pretty tight, work hard and are succeeding on a global scale whereas the “true” metal scene is plagued with lots of elitist commentators among the music fans which tends to split attendances and involve loads of internet whinging. The bands doing well there generally seem to distance themselves from the shit fight.

TAOM: After touring Europe twice last year, what kind of funny or weird anecdotes happened in those tours that are worth sharing with your fans?

CJ: Our last European tour, a headliner with Here Comes The Kraken and Martyr Defiled was fucking wild. Loads of moshing, indoor ciggies and learning Spanish swearing from Kraken. We’re going back in June / July for shows with Between the Buried And Me and some festivals which will be awesome!

TAOM: What is next for Thy Art Is Murder?

CJ: Some time off, Australia with Cattle Decapitation, the Metal Hammer awards in London, Europe with BTBAM, hopefully the US on Summer Slaughter, another Aussie tour, more Europe and US, a new record… the list goes on!

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