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Chimaira – Crown of Phantoms(2013)



Crown Of Phantoms  is the new album out from American metal badasses, Chimaira. This album features an all new line-up led by founding member Mark Hunter. Crown Of Phantoms is a much more brutal, technical and mature album than previous releases. It is arguably their best album yet and leaves big shoes to fill for the follow-up album.

Crown Of Phantoms blends together all of the genre hoping from previous releases with the addition of djent. You can hear the chug fest pop up throughout the album, especially in tracks Kings Of The Shadow World and Wrapped In Violence. 

The Machine starts the album off brilliantly with ambient creeping along side a subtle guitar drum duel.  It kicks into full on galloping drums as the gutteral, yet very understandable, vocals take the spotlight.

The most noticeable upgrade in the bands sound is the phenomenal guitar playing. Showcasing their talents in every track with brutal axe-tion and goosebump raising technicality are Matt Szlachta and   Emil Wrestler. Tracks like Spineless and I Despise are going to make your head nod with its catchiness groove and hints of thrash.

In support of their new album, Chimaira hit the road with Threat Signal and The Browning. The Age Of Metal was their to capture their stop in Tempe, AZ. Make sure to check out the pictures from the show.


chimaira (1)

1.  The Machine
2.  No Mercy
3.  All That’s Left Is Blood
4.  Despise
5.  Plastic Wonderland
6.  The Transmigration
7.  Crown Of Phantoms
8.  Spineless
9.  Kings Of The Shadow World
10. Wrapped In Violence
11. Soaked In Death

Genre : New Wave Of American Heavy Metal

Label: eOne

Playtime: 43 Minutes


Mark Hunter
Matt Szlachta
Austin D’Amond
Jeremy Creamer
Emil Wrestler
Sean Zatorsky


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