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Children of Bodom – I Worship Chaos (2015)


Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos

We have all known for years that Children of Bodom worships chaos. But they truly prove to us more much they indeed worship it. Fittingly titled I Worship Chaos, this album is comprised of solos that are powerful enough to obliterate the whole continent of Europe. And where would Children of Bodom be without those dang keys? Well calling these keys explode right in your eardrums – yet still somehow sound pretty! This band has proved they’re fearless in many ways, mainly through their ability to remain a legendary extreme band while also progressing as a whole. This album shows all of the above – as well as chaos.

The album beings with I Hurt. Children of Bodom immediately punches right in with Janne Warman synths and Alexi Laiho riffing melodies. With all of the melodic undertones, Children of Bodom still finds ways to make this song aggressive with harsh drumming and Laiho’s signature vocals. This one touches more on the brutality with hints of melody. Every note played makes you want to headbang and annihilate everything in your wake. Children of Bodom doesn’t enter this album nicely, they pierced the skin to show you what they’re made of. Because of that, this song is definitely one of the best songs on the album.

The first single released is Morrigan. In Celtic Mythology, Morrigan is the goddess of battle and strife. And Children of Bodom dedicated an equally epic and brutal song to her! This song is a continuous war between Laiho and Warman; Laiho beats his insane riffing into the listener while Warman’s keyboards slice through the whole song. This song is constant madness that ends in a bloody brawl.

The next song Horns is even more belligerent. The song begins melodic with continuous riffing and steady drumming, but not far in Laiho unleashes dexterous soloing. This song goes back and forth between rapidity and melody. The intensity only increases with each solo that attacks you unsuspected. Children of Bodom has written numerous great songs, but this one is at the top of my list.

The title track is the craziest on the album. Each member shows their utmost skill as they shred, drum and hit those keys throughout the song. The magnetic soloing will especially have you paralyzed; Laiho shreds the best he has in a long time. Practically everything sounds amplified to where you can only picture how it sounds live. This is definitely going to be a favorite off this album.

The next song, Hold Your Tongue, is another track that will blow your mind. The drum fill in the beginning is the best we’ve seen from Jaska Raatikainen. The rest of the band charges at you with squealy guitars and mesmerizing keys. This song dramatically goes from melodic to a mechanized composition machine, each instrument grabbing at your senses. Rather than looking deep in this song right away, it’s best to sit back and let it entice you. It’s the best way to take in all elements of this song.

The album ends with Widdershins. Not only does this song embody the album as a whole, but also how much Children of Bodom has improved. The last few albums from this band I thought weren’t as powerful as earlier works such as Hatebreeder and Follow the Reaper. But the newer albums were leading up to I Worship Chaos, going from their earlier malevolent sound to a matured yet provoking sound. This song itself is pretty straightforward; it doesn’t have overdramatic vigorous riffing like every other song on this album (though it does have a sick solo) but rather the talent and skill from this band naturally thrives on its own. In short, Children of Bodom is becoming a new and better band. This song – as well as this whole album – proves it.

Children of Bodom didn’t just merely write and record this album, they drilled it into your skulls so you can’t help but be engulfed in it. I Worship Chaos will make you worship a lot more than chaos – it will remind you why you worship Children of Bodom. This band also doesn’t just worship chaos: they are the definition of chaos. And the fact that this band continues to improve proves they’re limitless. Because of this, I Worship Chaos is one of the strongest albums this band has released in years. So prepare for onslaught, because this band is only going to become more bloodthirsty!

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



1 I Hurt
2 My Bodom (I am the Only One)
3 Morrigan
4 Horns
5 Prayer for the Inflicted
6 I Worship Chaos
7 Hold Your Tongue
8 Suicide Bomber
9 All for Nothing
10 Widdershins

Genre: Melodic death metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 43 Minutes

Line Up:

Alexi Laiho (guitars & vocals)
Jaska Raatikainen (drums)
Henkka Blacksmith (bass)
Janne Wirman (keyboards)


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