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Children of Bodom – Halo of Blood (2013)


Children Of Bodom - Halo Of Blood - Artwork

This year, Children of Bodom releases their eighth studio album, Halo of Blood. The Finnish rockers yet again combined classic raging thrash sound with a melodic atmospheric background; classic Children of Bodom. Over the past fifteen years, Children of Bodom have made a tremendous impact on the metal scene. Halo of Blood could possibly be another collection for the dedicated fans. This album was produced by the band in their in-home studio and in Petrax Studio, and with support from Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain).

Comparing to previous material, I feel they darkened their sound quite a bit. Not as many impressive solos or expeditious drums. Children of Bodom introduced a lot more melody into their tracks. The song Screaming for Silence starts off with a catchy keyboard intro, leading into a heavy riff and growls from vocalist and guitarist Alexi Laiho. The track that sounds most like older Children of Bodom is the last track, One Bottle and a Knee Deep. It contains the intense Laiho solos, synth keyboards, and melodic choruses.

It’s not that I didn’t like this album, it just sounds like, well, Children of Bodom. Not much progression, nothing new. I’ve been listening to Children of Bodom for years, and after Blooddrunk nothing has impressed me. They already conquered with albums such as Follow the Reaper and Hate Crew Deathroll. I’m not sure how much more power this band can achieve after those insane releases. I feel dedicated COB fans will be pleased with this release, but to the ones who moved on to obsessing over bands, I can safely say you can skip this album.

Simply put, this album wasn’t great or terrible. I’m pretty neutral overall with this release. Die-hard Children of Bodom fans, take delight in this one. The ones like me who got over Children of Bodom when you graduated from high school, you can dig out older albums and continue to get your fill from those. When I first listened to Children of Bodom, I was entranced by Laiho’s guitar playing and crazy over keyboardist Janne Warman’s good looks (but is still very good looking to this day, I should add). Now, not much has changed and I moved on.



1. Waste of Skin
2. Halo of Blood
3. Scream for Silence
4. Transference
5. Bodom Blue Moon
6. Your Days are Numbered
7. Dead Man’s Hand On You
8. Damaged Beyond Repair
9. All Twisted
10. One Bottle and a Knee Deep

Genre: Melodic Extreme Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 40 Minutes


Alexi Laiho – Guitar and Vocals
Jaska Raatikainen – Drums
Roope Latvala – Guitar
Henkka Blacksmith – Bass
Janne Warman – Keyboards


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