Sep 21

Chelsea Grin – My Damnation (2011)


Chelsea Grin’s new album My Damnation, while not bad by any means, is a little bit underwhelming. After hearing some buzz about this band, I was hoping for a record that was a little bit more interesting to listen to. Most of the songs don’t stand out from one another, and sound like a recycled formula, or filler at best. It’s certainly technically proficient – these guys know how to churn out some crushingly heavy music. The breakdowns on this album are straight up bulldozers of sound, though used way more often than necessary. The vocals, headed up by Alex Koehler, could have been the best part of the album: when he sticks to his low throat-ripping growl, he sounds great. But his high-pitched screeches come across as shrill and whiny. Fans of this type of technical deathcore will thoroughly enjoy the album, and it’s worth a listen, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. In a genre that is already overloaded, My Damnation just doesn’t stand out.

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