May 12

Charlotte Wessels of Delain on touring North America, new music, and guesting on the new Kamelot album



Currently Delain is finishing their third North American tour in three consecutive years, something that gradually for their fan base it had become some sort of tradition (yes, we would love to have them in 2016 too, let’s hope that happens). But since their first tour in 2013, Delain had played decent size venues across North America, but nothing compared to their May 1st show at The Greek in Los Angeles, CA. 

Delain, hit the stage at The Greek around 7pm with people still coming into the venue as it was over 2500 already filling up the outdoor venue located near The Griffith Park in sunny Los Angeles. Just by listening to the first song we knew we were there for a historic evening, the acoustic of the venue gave their sound a bigger impact, and their presence on that stage it was bigger as well. With a short 30 minute set Delain delivered a powerful show that included Mother Machine & Get The Devil Out Of Me out of their We Are The Others (2012) album.

I definitely believe this kicked start their fans, which were quite loud specially those in the pit section, Delain continue their show with Army Of Dolls, Stardust out of their new album The Human Contradiction (2014),songs that fired up the crowd and even the people who still was arriving at The Greek. Nothing could have prepare this crowd to see Marco Hietala (Nightwish/Tarot) jumping to the stage for a magnificent duet with Charlotte Wessels for the now classic song The Gathering included in the now ten-year old album, Lucidity (2005).

Delain closed their set with Not Enough & We Are The Others, two powerful songs that left the crowd with a grin on their face and a hunger for more Delain‘s music, unfortunately their time was up, and we will have to wait hopefully another year to see Delain once more in the US, hopefully on a headlining situation or at the very least with a longer set.

After their show at The Greek, we were fortunate enough to seat and chat with Charlotte Wessels of Delain and talked about this North American tour with Nightwish and Sabaton, their plans for a new record, the good & bad things of touring America, and her guest work on the new Kamelot album.

Pictures: Delain live at The Greek Theater. Los Angeles, CA 05/01/15


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