May 18

Charlotte Wessels of Delain discussed touring and upcoming Live DVD


Seven years after their US début in Atlanta, Delain is now about to complete their first co-headlining US tour.  After four years of diligently coming to the US every year even twice in one year as a supporting band, they had converted thousands of people around the US into passionate fans that show up to the venue to support their favorite band show after show and sometimes city after city. 

It is incredible to see how with every visit of the band the number of Delain fans had grown since that first tour supporting Kamelot back in 2013. Besides Sabaton and maybe Lacuna Coil I have never seen a more diligent band coming to the US year after year, showing how important is this market for them and how much Delain enjoys touring the US.

With the release of their fifth studio album, Moonbathers, last year the band not only got heavier but at the same time they produced really catchy tunes like Hands of Gold or The Glory and The Scum. For their show number five in Arizona and definitely one of the best shows they have ever played here, Delain deliver a fair set list that included a lot of songs from the new record (Pendulum, Fire with Fire, The Hurricane, Sucker Punch, The Glory and The Scum and Hands of Gold), but they also had the time to play classics like (Sleepwalkers Dream, Go Away, Don’t Let Go, Go Away and We Are The Others) among other fairly new songs like (Army of Dolls, Get The Devil Out Of Me, Here Come The Vultures, and Mother Machine). 

I was surprised by how together the crowd came together for Delain, even though it was a Thursday night show the people showed up early, and by the time the band hit the stage the venue was quite packed, Another singular thing that was cool to see, it was all the people wearing Delain t-shirts from all the different US tours at almost every turn around the venue, it felt more like they were coming to see a show of a band that has been around here forever than a band that was touring the US for their fifth time. I was a great show, and you could it see it on the faces of the people while leaving the venue. Now we hope they come back soon on a singular headlining tour with a couple of other bands (Serenity or Evergrey perhaps)

To expand more on Delain‘s first co-headlining tour and the impact of Moonbathers we talked to vocalist Charlotte Wessels, we also talk about their upcoming live DVD released recorded in the Netherlands last year and their upcoming Danse Macabre European tour featuring Marco Hietala (Nightwish).

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