Jun 30

CELLAR DARLING – Unveil Lyric Video “The Hermit”; Album Out Now!


The curtain has fallen, the world is ready for a New Wave of Folk Rock – CELLAR DARLING confidently fuse heavy alternative rock with strong folk influences and poetic lyrical tales, and have grown out of the ashes of their previous band to now release their debut album This Is The Sound into the world. Rarely before, a freshly founded act was so enthusiastically supported by so many fans, so Anna MurphyMerlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi are treating everyone to a third clip – the lyric video of “The Hermit”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYYMFu1vuO0

“‘Hoi polloi’ is a Greek expression meaning ‘the many’. “The Hermit” is a song about the love of solitude and indisposition felt within society and towards other people”, the band explains their new song. And with great hope for the future they add:
“Almost exactly one year after CELLAR DARLING came into existence, we could not be more proud to finally share our first album with you. It’s been an intense, sometimes difficult, but always rewarding year – and first and foremost an incredibly creative one. We think you can hear it all on the album. And we can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Now our focus lies on one thing, and one thing only: getting back on stage and celebrating our music with you, the best fans in the world – we can’t wait to see you on the road!”
This Is The Sound is now available in our shop in many different editions – get the CD, double vinyl here:
Download or stream the new release here:
If you only just tuned in, make sure you check out the previously released music videos:
The mesmerizing new clip “‘Avalanche“: https://youtu.be/NWMiBj0yDJg
The lyric video for the band’s very first release, “Challenge“:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DRkXJCRM64
And “Black Moon” leading you through an apocalyptic vision of the end of the world as seen by different cultures and religions, all engulfed in a lunar eclipse: https://youtu.be/r-5ZkRL-EV0  
In addition, the band released the first part of their album documentary “Out Of The Cellar, Into The light”. Part 1, entitled “This Is Who We Are”, is a great insight into the band’s past, the three characters who formed the band and the glue that holds them together. Watch the documentary here: https://youtu.be/arauTUTDNWg

“This Is The Sound is a modern day work of art. The three talented musicians behind Cellar Darling have just raised the bar in the Celtic/Folk Metal world to a whole new level. This fantastic album is one of the finest and most beautiful albums that you would hear in 2017 – a true classic.” (5/5)
(US), Rattlehead METALNEXUS 
„Just a few songs into the album and one can already tell this album is going to definitely hit top charts (…) Do NOT miss this album! CELLAR DARLING are a swift force to watch out for in the future.”
(AUS), Dave Griffiths HEAVYMAG
“»This Is The Sound« is an enchanted, mystical, poetic and dramatic piece of music between rock, metal and folklore […] CELLAR DARLING stand for a new, enthralling Swiss sound, which is set to go through the roof world wide.”
TRACKS (CH), Björn Springorum

Order your copy of This Is The Sound here: nblast.de/CDThisIsTheSoundNB
Or the digital version: http://nblast.de/CellarDarlingDigital

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