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Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium (2014)



The Brazilian brothers, Max and Igor Cavalera are at it again!! After an almost 10 year family feud, they have reconciled their differences to bring us a taste of what some may call the closest we will ever get to a “Sepultura reunion” with The Cavalera Conspiracy. The quartet consists of the underrated talents of Marc Rizzo (from Soulfly/ Ill Nino) and Nate Newton (from the math-core/metal-core punk band Coverage) whom replaced Joe Duplantier (vocalist of Gojira) on the bass. Tony Campos (bass player of Soulfly) has also been known to help out during some of CC’s live performances.

Pandemonium is Cavalera Conspiracy‘s 3rd album and was released this last Halloween 2014. It has been 3 long years since the band had put out their last album Blunt Force Trauma in 2011, which sounds almost identical to their first record, Inflikted (2007) …including the album art which is literally just a different color. This time around with Pandemonium, Max had a vision. The album seems so simple, in a generic death metal sense, but it is FAST, raw, and heavy! With that nostalgic, thrashy feeling of Sepultura – it really pumps you up to the point you just want to jump right in the pit!! Personally, the first time I listened to it was like a tripp down metal memory lane.

The Cavelera Conspiracy went into the studio with nearly 4 hours worth of riffs. After cutting and editing, they used about 40 minutes of material on the CD. Which means there are plenty of leftovers to be used for their next album! No news on when that will be, or tour dates, as Igor Cavalera is not a very big fan of being away from his family for more than a month at a time(which is understandable.)  However, Max Cavalera, has SO much to keep himself busy; not only with his band Soulfly, but also with his “Super Group” side project Killer be Killed (with members from Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Mars Volta… ) <— weird/random combo right?… but it works! check them out!




Babylonion Pandemonium
Bonzai Kamikazee
I, Barbarian
Apex Predator
Not Losing the Edge
Father of Hate
The Crucible
Deus Ex Machina

Genre: Death Metal, Thrash Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 51 Minutes

Line Up:

Max Cavalera – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Marc Rizzo – Lead Guitarist
Nate Newton – Bassist
Igor Cavalera – drums


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