May 28

Cauldron – Tomorrow’s Lost (2013)



The essence of the 80’s still lingers in the air.  Thankfully we have bands like Cauldron bringing us some great heavy metal.  With clean vocals, shredding guitar solo’s & a catchy choruses.  Its time to bust out the leather jackets and boots because this will give you goose bumps.

Cauldron all the way from Toronto, Canada is releasing their newest album “Tomorrow’s Lost.”  Some good old classic heavy metal is what this generation needs.  Sadly many young people now a days do not know or can appreciate such a great genre of music.  Tapping into the classic sound and still staying true to themselves Cauldron has managed to release 2 albums since they first started in 2007, Tomorrow’s Lost would be their third.  It’s great to see this style of music is still alive and making a come back.

End of Time is the first track off the album and its a great song.  Jason Decay’s voice is distinct and has a very calming 80’s influenced sound to it.  Summoned to Succumb is the 80’s captured in a bottle.  It sounds like a classic song, something you can really get into.  The track has a very deep feeling to it.  Relentless Temptress keeps things moving along in a very calm manner.  The lyrics of the song are interesting and the guitar solo at 2 minutes sounds clean crisp and perfect.  Finally the last titled track on off the album Tomorrow’s lost starts off with a guitar intro that leads into the best song of the album.  Its faster than all the other songs and will definitely get stuck in your head.

Cauldron is a very unique band they are very 80’s inspired but they are not aggressive as the decade was.  Their very calming, soothing metal that makes you want to just sit back absorb the music and appreciate it for its beauty.  If you close your eyes listen carefully you’ll hear great guitar solos and some amazing vocals.  Tomorrow’s Lost was a good album, if your young like me but still caught in the 80’s decade this is the chance to listen to some modern great heavy metal music.  In today’s scene bands like Cauldron are almost non-existent this sets them apart from the rest.  Over all great album, the older generation of metal heads out there will soak this up, and for the young kids out there pick this up and learn something about music.

Track List:

1. End of Time
2. Born to Struggle
3. Nitebreaker
4. Summoned to Succumb
5. Burning Fortune
6. Endless Ways
7. Relentless Temptress
8. Fight For Day
9. Tomorrow’s Lost (Sun Will Fall)

Genre: Heavy Metal  

Record Label: Earache/Century Media

Playing Time: 39 min

Line Up:

Jason Decay – vocals
Ian Chains – guitar
Myles Deck – drums



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