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Amos Williams of TesseracT checked in with The Age of Metal


When you think of bands like TesseracT, you imagine them playing huge festivals with thousands of adoring fans. While this was a smaller show, it still packed all the right punches of a larger performance for the TesseracT show at Club Red on April 10th, 2014. This tour has MANY sold out dates as they’ve been making their way across North America. Arriving on site early for the interview with Amos Williams, the bassist of TesseracT, there was already a welcoming line waiting almost an hour early eagerly for the doors to open. Read more

The Black Dahlia Murder – Mill City Nights, April 4, 2014


The Decibel Magazine Tour rolled through the Twin Cities on Friday, April 4th, stopping at Mill City Nights in downtown Minneapolis.  The bill was a stellar mix of bands that ranged from feisty newcomers, Noisem, to tech death metal legends, Gorguts.  Headlining was the one and only Carcass, who showed the crowd that they are still at the top of their game.  Read more

Monte Pittman, Holy Grail & Gypsyhawk at The Whiskey A Go-Go (West Hollywood, CA. 04/05/14)


When I got to The Whisky A Go-Go I expected it to be a smaller show, considering there were several other metal concerts nearby that night, but there was already a good-sized crowd which grew even more as the evening went on. Read more

Metal Alliance Tour 2014 at Club Red. Tempe, AZ (04/04/14)


The third edition of the Metal Alliance Tour 2014, featuring BehemothGoatwhore1349Inquisition Black Crown Initiate kicked off last night with a sold out show at Club Red in Tempe, AZ. Since the tour was announced, we knew it sold out the house. After all, is fucking Behemoth returning to the North American venues following a three-year absence.
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Destruction/Krisiun/Exmortus at Joe’s Grotto Phoenix, AZ (03/27/14)


The first time I saw Destruction live was back in 2011 in Bogota, Colombia at the famous Rock Al Parque festival, they played in front of 100.000 metalheads, and they just blew everyone’s mind. I knew that for this North American tour would be a bit different, so the expectations of a small and intimate show were totally fulfilled as they played a show of epic proportions a couple of days ago at Joe’s Grotto here in Phoenix, AZ  Read more

The Decibel Magazine Tour at The Pressroom. Phoenix, AZ (03/24/14)


The Decibel Magazine Tour 2014 passed through Phoenix, AZ yesterday, on its third year installment. The tour’s lineup of this year was heavier than last year’s bill. Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts, and Noisem delivered solid performances at The Pressroom in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

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Luc Lemay of Gorguts talked about the Decibel Magazine Tour 2014


On March 18 Orlando, Florida started off the Decibel Magazine Tour. Every year, Decibel Magazine takes the most infamous and extreme acts across a brutal endeavor throughout the country. This year the tour consists of Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts and Noisem. Read more

The Return of a Broken Hope – A Chat With Jeremy Wagner


Broken Hope is a Chicago death metal band that flourished through the 90′s as death metal was taking over the world, and bands like Carcass, Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel and Autopsy were developing and crafting the landscape of extreme metal. They released five albums through the 90′s and disbanded in 2002. By 2012 the band announced their return with a new line up, but it was until 2013 that they released new material in the form of the highly acclaimed album, Omen Of Disease.

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Terji & Gunnar of TYR checked in with The Age Of Metal


The live essence of a band like TYR is their unique music style, their mix of traditional Faroese melodies with metal is what catapulted their career since their very beginning. However, in their new album Valkyrja they twist things up a little as their tryout a more personal songwriting and a different melodic approach, which resulted in a highly preached album by fans and press alike. Read more

Ted Aguilar of Death Angel talks about The Dream Calls For Blood


It seems passion and drive towards the continual development of good thrash metal is the mission of Bay area Thrash metal band, Death Angel. As we were once more witnesses of one of their astonish shows last Monday at Club Red here in Tempe, AZ. Read more