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Mar 18

Doro plays Club Red in Mesa, AZ (03/13/15)


For 30 years Doro Pesch had rocked out stages all over the world, delivering night after night a powerful show filled with great metal anthems, and with an undying love for her fans that follow her country after country. And this year is not different here in the United States, after delivering a successful tour in …

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Mar 12

Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber discussed Rivals and the 2015 North American tour with The Age Of Metal

Coal Chamber 15

We were just finishing up our interview with Dez Fafara, near the tour buses – as the 2015 North American tour kicked off promptly at 7pm from Tempe’s Marquee Theatre. The blazing AZ sun began to set as we waited patiently alongside excited fans, all craving the Nu metal nostalgia of the line up that …

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Mar 06

70,000 tons of Metal Recap: Day 4


Well all good things must come to an end… even the world’s biggest heavy metal cruise. Sunday January 25th, 2015, the last full day aboard the Liberty of the Seas, did not disappoint either closing the event with a full day of shows, clinics, and events. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

Feb 26

70000 Tons of Metal Recap: Day 3


Saturday January 23rd, 2015, Day 3 at 70000 Tons of Metal proved itself to be pinnacle and easily justified one’s investment and traveling around the world to attend. Not only was there the live music overload, but that morning, the not so metal, Ocho Rios belonged to 3000 metal heads. Use Facebook to Comment on …

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Feb 24

Ravn of 1349 checked in with The Age Of Metal


Some bands change with the time, some transform their sound in million different ways, and some just stay loyal to the one sound they created since album one and yet they have the skills to make it sound fresh and better every time. The latter is the case of 1349, who last year released their sixth …

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Feb 05

70,000 tons of Metal Recap: Day 1


On January 22, 2015 The Age of Metal stepped on board the Liberty of the Seas to embark on the 6th annual 70,000 Tons of Metal. Honored, open-minded, adventure ready, and camera in hand I was ready to submerge myself into four full days of metal at sea. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

Feb 04

Matt Barlow & Freddie Vidales of Ashes Of Ares checked in with The Age Of Metal


The valley of the sun rarely gets special shows, since we are not a music or film mecca. we do get our hands on the general tours that cover the USA from east to west along the year. But it seems with the Superbowl in town, even metal fans in Phoenix got a special treatment …

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Feb 03

Niilo Sevänen of Insomnium discussed Shadows Of The Dying Sun & touring with Dark Tranquillity


Since their very beginning back in 2002, Insomnium has shown the potential that they have to create new and meaningful material to the melodic-death metal scene. They are the kind of band that with every album they release, their music gets darker, and somehow it gets a lot more significance into the minds and hearts of …

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Jan 30

Mark Vollelunga of Nothing More discussed the state of music, and the band’s new self-title album

2014 Nothing More Press Photo_small_credit_ Jody Domingue

Nothing More consists of vocalist Johnny Hawkins, bassist Daniel Oliver, Mark Vollelunga on guitar, and “main” drummer Paul Obrien (as all members contribute to an epic drum line of sorts during shows) After 12 years, this band is finally getting the recognition they deserve. Currently the guys of Nothing More along with Wovenwar, have opened …

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Jan 23

Skull Fist/Elm Street/ Night Demon at Nile Theater (01/20/15)


Last Tuesday night, I got the pleasure to see a great heavy metal show down at Nile Theater, even though I am not too fond of the venue, as is not the best we have around here, I can say that the Skull Fist, Elm Street & Night Demon show sounded fairly solid, and it …

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