Category: Book Reviews

Jun 20

Till Death… A Guide to Love and Loss – Jeremy Saffer & Ash Costello. Book (2013)

As an apprentice of concert photography you must learn from those that before you had captured the live moments of an eclectic guitar solo, the beauty of a drum solo, or perhaps had photographed a band promo set for their next album. Since my start into concert photography I had put attention to the likes …

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Apr 08

The Merciless Book Of Metal Lists – Howie Abrams & Sasha Jenkins. Book (2013)

Everyone that considers itself a metalhead at some point of their life have done a metal list, it was either a top 10 best album of the year, a top 10 favorite bands, a top 50 of unmetal bands, or simply the top 5 songs your girlfriend/boyfriend loves. We as a culture have the habit of putting …

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