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Aug 31

Hammerfall – (r)EVOLUTION 2014

Hammerfall - (r)Evolution - Artwork

Swedish power metal icons, Hammerfall released their 9th studio album titled (r)EVOLUTION a couple of days ago in Europe (UK, 09/01 NA, 09/02). And it feels like yesterday that they released The Glory Of The Brave (1997) album, and with it the resurrection of power metal as one of the more powerful, and emotive genres …

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Aug 25

Evergrey – Hymns Of The Broken (2014)


Hymns For The Broken is Evergrey‘s 9th studio album following a three-year wait from the Glorious Collision released in February 2011. A unique part of this album is the fact that we have some returning faces in the band which I felt is the reason I felt reminiscent of Inner Circle (2004) while listening to the album. By no means …

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Aug 11

Accept – Blind Rage (2014)

Accept - Blind Rage - Artwork

The third chapter on the new age of Accept will be released on August 19th (USA) August 15th (Europe) under the name of Blind Rage. After their return in 2010 with Blood Of The Nations, and the following up release Stalingrad (2012), the band releases this year and album that could be considered as ‘One …

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Jul 23

Belphegor – Conjuring the Dead (2014)

Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead - Artwork

Belphegor’s most recent masterpiece will prove that they are more than another extreme metal band. Conjuring The Dead is both everything we know about Belphegor, and a Belphegor we’ve never seen yet. This album will persuade and amaze the listener, completely submitting themselves to the band that is the apex of everything unorthodox. With one …

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Jul 17

Crucified Barbara – In The Red (2014)


In 2012, Crucified Barbara shocked the world with their album The Midnight Chase, which was a combination of straight heavy metal and aggressive lyrics. With that album the band was able to visit places like Brazil, and their first ever North American tour. In 2014, the Swedish ladies of Crucified Barbara return with In The …

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Jul 16

Cannabis Corpse – From Wisdom to Baked (2014)


So Cannabis Corpse released a new album. And guess what? It sounds like more Cannabis Corpse! Well they took their awesome song titles from bands such as Death and Gorguts, and I couldn’t be happier! Who is gonna complain about more stoner death metal? Especially since this stoner band doesn’t sound like crap, like most …

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Jul 14

Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails (2014)


To state “Fallujah just released a new album” would be an understatement. This creation is titled “The Flesh Prevails.” An interesting title, because more than flesh prevails with this album; the listener feels their soul emerging with just one listen of this album. This out of body experience defines this album, and keeps the listener …

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Jul 10

Eluveitie – Origins (2014)

Eluveitie - Origins - Artwork

Eluveitie is one of the most significative folk metal bands out there, since their inception back in 2002 they had defined the folk metal sound one album at the time. This year, they are releasing their new album Origins. This album picks up where Helvetios (2012) left off, as their sound got more mature and …

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Jul 02

Amberian Dawn – Magic Forest (2014)


After releasing a re-recorded selection of the best songs from their previous musical work with the voice of their new singer, Capri Paivi, last year. This 2014 Amberian Dawn returns with a new album titled, Magic Forest.

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Jun 30

Goatwhore – Constricting Rage of the Merciless (2014)


New Goatwhore is always a delightful thing. They are the death/black/extreme/hard rock/awesome metal band that obviously does their own thing and can actually pull it off. Their signature sound is best described as sacrificing the virgin cunt with a cattle prod; but you already know that. Anyway, they are releasing their newest album Constricting Rage …

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