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Carach Angren – This is No Fairytale (2015)



Carach Angren sure does have a way of telling a story. Their newest release This is No Fairytale captures the supposed innocent nature of fairy tales and twists it in ways that are just cruel. In short, they released the rabbit and you follow it down the rabbit-hole, only to fall upon a world of poisonous defilement. I suggest you all join Carach Angren on this endeavor.

The first track to this contemptuous adventure is Once Upon a Time. This is a brief, rapturous track without words. This is supposed to describe the setting and the introduction, which needs no words. Carach Angren enters the listener into a world that has no limits. This is where their story takes place.

Carach Angren then tricks the listener amidst the beauty with the next two songs, There’s No Place Like Home and When Crows Tick on Windows. This vicious story truly begins to unfold: it all starts with a vulgar family. Making you believe this tale of narcotics and abuse is a true love story, Carach Angren intrigues the listener with placid violinists afflicting with slaughtering drums to tell the tale. This unfortunate tale continues with the domestic abuse gone suicidal as the mother kills herself. Carach Angren continues to plague the listener with a gravel-grinding string quartet and raging riffing to describe this scene.

The story continues in the manner of the next song Two Flies Flew into a Black Sugar Cobweb: a mix of glory and gloom. This song embodies the classic exalted theatrics that symbolize the children escaping their deleterious home. This song in particular weaves the maniacal and melodious influences: the story becomes truly spellbinding as a pleasing piano symbolizes the children finding a nice clown whom is willing to give them shelter, yet the darkness definitely exists as blast beats and shrieking vocals gouge their way into the fairy dust where the clown abducts the children.

This part of the tale – the songs Dreaming of a Nightmare in Eden and Possessed by a Craft of Witchery – begins deliberately yet becomes increasingly demented. A faltering oboe is used to describe the children as they eat the gingerbread house, and then the theatrics become outrageous as Gretel starts to internally decompose. The story turns even wickeder as the children wait to be killed.

This tale of intensity swiftly turns into a tale of evil with Killed And Served by the Devil. Every note played sounds like piercing flesh as the entanglement of brutal composition and solacing melodies crushes you, expressing the scene where Hansel is murdered. The sullen atmosphere makes for the darkest song on the album, as the song itself sounds like fresh blood out of an open wound.

Gretel receives her vengeance in The Witch Perished In Flame, where she succumbs her brother’s killer and the witch to the flames. This resolution is recounted with a triumphant trumpet, pounding drumming, and melodic riffing. Yet this album ends with Tragedy Ever After, and as any listener should know this tale ends with total ruination. The tragedy is described by blaring trumpets, dexterous drumming and demonic vocals. Gretel realize she never escaped, yet just fell asleep and woke up to her psychopathic father.

Carach Angren never falters, yet their creativity is limitless. This Is No Fairytale is another reminder of Carach Angren’s fanaticism. This take on the traditional fairy tale doesn’t end with happily ever after; yet, with an acrid nightmare that reflects upon the reality of real-life. An inescapable nightmare filled with the evil and greed of human beings; a world that we’re cursed to live.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



1. Once upon a Time…
2. There’s No Place Like Home
3. When Crows Tick On Windows
4. Two Flies Flew Into A Black Sugar Cobweb
5. Dreaming Of A Nightmare In Eden
6. Possessed By A Craft Of Witchery
7. Killed and Served By The Devil
8. The Witch Perished In Flames
9. Tragedy Ever After

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

Record Label: Season of Mist

Playing Time: 43 Minutes


Seregor – Vocals & Guitar
Ardek – Keyboards and Orchestra
Namtar – Drums


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