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Cannibal Corpse/Obituary/Abysmal Dawn at Club Red (Mesa, AZ 03/11/16)



Cannibal Corpse at a small venue in Mesa, AZ. That right there was the call of action for the packed show last Friday night at Club Red in Mesa, AZ. When you arrive at the venue and you see a line that reaches the middle of the block before doors open you can tell this show is gonna be good from beginning to end.

Doors opened at 6:30, and the first band was scheduled to play at 7:30, but by that time the pit was already full, and the rest of the venue was 80% full. L.A’s Abysmal Dawn opened the show with by far the best performance I have heard of them, In the past I have seen them at a couple different venues around the valley, but the sound at those places didn’t match the quality of Abysmal Dawn‘s live performance. Club Red was a very different experience as not only it matched the quality of the band with a quality sound system which helped to deliver the best Abysmal Dawn live experience possible, but it also it enhance the band’s stage presence. Their set was received with high praises that were expressed to the members of the band throughout the night, and it seems in the process they had converted some unbelievers into believers. From kids to adults people were fascinated with their show.


By the time that Obituary took the stage the venue was pretty much full to the point that I had my doubts about the venue were able to handle so many people, Fortunately enough it did, and Obituary delivered a loaded old school death metal set to that crazy crowd. There was not race for speed, or not technicalities involved on their set, there was just straight forward death metal. They had a mosh pit going that was fueled by the band’s classics, It was interesting to witness first hand how powerful this band is, and how much their fans respect them and love their music.


Ok, now for the main course, it was, of course, the all mighty Cannibal Corpse, the live definition of American death metal. The only words I can find to describe their set are BRUTAL LIVE CARNAGE because that was what we experienced that night, they tore the place apart from riff one. I have seen Cannibal Corpse before, but I think I have never seen them at a crowded place like this. I remember that the promoters of the show had announced early in the day via Facebook to arrive early as a sold out show was expected, well this package did it, and they put a pure and unadulterated death metal show from new blood to old school. It was really great to see Cannibal Corpse bring out the best of the AZ death metal scene.


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