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Cannibal Corpse – Torture (2012)



The all mighty legendary death metal classic band non other than Cannibal Corpse has released their 12th studio album “Torture,” through Metal Blade Records. The album was once again produced by Hate Eternal‘s Erik Rutan at his own Mana Recording Studio. Every fan has been waiting in anticipation for the new album after their last release was back in 2009 which was “Evisceration Plague.”  Cannibal Corpse was formed in 1988 and since then evolved into one of the most recognizable most influential death metal bands in history.  They have produced 11 studio albums every which one of them have been greatly successful.  Their fan base has grown over the years and they have made a big impact in metal history.  Everyone knows who Cannibal Corpse is in the metal community you can’t say their name without thinking about how brutal and intense they are.  This legendary band has some of the most incredible musicians which consist of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher whose vocals are unique and nothing short but brutal, Alex Webster who is one of the most amazing bassist ever, Paul Mazurkiewicz the machine behind the band (drums), Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett both on guitar; who come up with the most insane guitar solos you can ever imagine.  These 5 amazing individuals make up the monumental band we know as CANNIBAL CORPSE.

The first song off this monstrous album is “ Demented Aggression,” just as intense as its name the song absolutely delivers nothing but speed, aggression all in classic Cannibal Corpse style.  The guitars, drums, vocals is in your face the time and makes you want to bang your head the second you listen to it.  “Sarcophagic Frenzy,”  the second track is brutal intense strong everything you can pretty much think of.  Vocals on the track are crisp, drums are clean concise, Websters bass, O’Brien & Barrett’s guitar solos sound majestic.   It’s a killer track that keeps you moving.  “Scourge of Iron,” has such a heavy intro.  The guitars & bass sound extra low in this track sounding extra raw and violent.  The song picks up speed about half way through and just knocks you down with its harsh vocals.  The fourth song on the album “Encased in Concrete,” starts off with a crazy guitar intro that will make you go mental.  Corpsegrinder’s vocals kick in about after the first 30 seconds, his vocals are fast and psychotic.  Websters bass & Mazurkiewicz’s drums are pretty much just much mind-blowing.  “As Deep As the Knife Will Go,” just as its name this song will pierce you like a knife and go deep in your head and make you go crazy for it because its such a great song.  “Intestinal Crank,” is a song that keeps you on your feet along with every song before this.

Half way through this incredible album we come to a song called “Followed Home Then Killed,” with lyrics as death is in the air & death is everywhere it creates almost a serial killer vibe that will leave you terrified.  When you reach the 2 minutes and 40 second point to about till 3:05 is probably some of the berserk guitar chords I’ve heard.  It’s so unique close to the end the song and then comes to a halt at the end that will leave you wanting more.  “The Strangulation Chair,” jump starts with a drum intro and then the guitars and bass bring it into a smooth rhythm after which you get punched in the face by Corpsegrinder’s voice.  “Caged…Contorted,” is a very deranged and sadistic track off the album.  “Crucifier Avenged,” has a very fast tempo which leaves you with a demented feeling after it’s over. “Rabid,” has a very morbid feel to it especially when you hear Corpsegrinder’s shrill screams.  The song ends with Websters bass fading in the background which is the perfect ending to the song.  Last but not least the final gruesome song off the album is “Torn Through.”  This last track on album is nothing but perfection.  It’s a classic Cannibal Corpse song that will leave you want to play the album over and over again.

Cannibal Corpse’s new album Torture is nothing less than an unholy masterpiece.  This being the bands 12th studio album, it does not disappoint but just proves that a magnificent classic band like Cannibal Corpse is still going strong, will never sell out and just keep producing the most incredible death metal music for all times.  Every fan will love the album because it’s not only badass but delivers in every way shape or form. Erick Rutan and Cannibal Corpse were all on their A game with this album.  From the music itself to the recording quality it’s just brilliant.  What else can you expect other than excellence.  Just two words have to be said “CANNIBAL CORPSE.”

Track list (personal picks*)

01. Demented Aggression*
02. Sarcophagic Frenzy*
03. Scourge of Iron*
04. Encased in Concrete*
05. As Deep As the Knife Will Go*
06. Intestinal Crank*
07. Followed Home Then Killed*
08. The Strangulation Chair*
09. Caged…Contorted*
10. Crucifier Avenged*
11. Rabid*
12. Torn Through*

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