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Cannibal Corpse plays Venue 578 In Orlando, FL 11/07/2015



From start to finish, seeing the Cannibal Corpse headlining tour at Venue 578 was pretty great. Orlando, Florida had no idea what to expect when these nefarious crazies came to town. Cannibal Corpse literally kills each time they play but joining them on this tour with Cattle Decapitation and Soreption. Obviously not an easygoing show there were lots of crazy vocals, shredding and blast beats to fill the night with pure death metal. Could a death metal fan ask for anything better?


The local openers for the show were Hour of Peril. The Orlando natives are bringing back metalcore, with melodic hooks attached to aggressive verses. The vocal deliverance was impressive; cleans mixed with growls so intense it immediately woke up the venue. The only thing I will say is this combination of a Killswitch Engage style band playing with brutal death metal was pretty bizarre. Either way, for what this band is any metal fan can appreciate them. With still a prominent metalcore fan base, if this band continues what they’re doing they can easily have a massive following.


The band to open up the tour is no other than Soreption. These Swedish death metallers are quickly reigning over America. While being skilled musicians, this band proves you don’t need crazy intricate composition to play the most insane brutal death metal. They easily won fans over with their use of individual songwriting techniques to coin their own brand of extreme metal. Their live show is a must-see; this band shreds so hard their pit knocked this journalist over while taking pictures. I have a scar on my knee to prove it. Playing songs from both Deterioration of Minds and Engineering the Void, fans got the all-around Soreption experience. And I’ll honestly say this is one of my favorite new death metal bands to emerge, and I’ll gladly see them live whenever I can.


Cattle Decapitation didn’t just play a live set, they shoved their fists in your face and forced their throng to annihilate the masses. While obliterating Venue 578, their live performance was phenomenal as their animalistic ways came out in a blood-soaked mess. Travis Ryan’s signature high-pitched vocals were so distinct; his war cry could be heard throughout downtown Orlando. Whether it was new songs such as Manufactured Extinct or songs from their last album like A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat this band made the crowd rip flesh through the pit. Cattle Decapitation proved they were blood-thirsty enough to rage a battle.


Oh, Cannibal Corpse, my favorite band ever to see live. And I always tell people there’s no other way to see Cannibal Corpse than to see Cannibal Corpse in Florida. Whether it’s vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher being frightening or the ridiculous amount of head banging from the whole band, no one can enact a stage in the most brutal of ways than this band. This band didn’t achieve becoming the most successful death metal band in history from sitting around and recording tracks; no they put the crowd in a chokehold and will rip your head off right off of your neck on that very stage. Whether they were playing classic songs like I Cum Blood or newer songs like Kill Or Become, everyone in the crowd didn’t fail to dive head-first into insanity. Overall, does seeing Cannibal Corpse live ever get old?

Aggressive and violent was a great way to sum up the night. Florida death metal is still alive, whether it’s the legends or upcoming acts. Extreme metal still finds its way to nudge into the humid swampiness of this state. Cannibal Corpse owns this state, but they’ll happily bring other equally brutal bands along for the ride. Orlando, Florida was caked in blood that night. This is how Florida was meant to be.

Cattle Decapitation
Cannibal Corpse

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