Jan 25

Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul – Splatterhash Split (2014)



What a crazy and brutal way to start off 2014? An EP split between Cannabis Corpse and Ghoul? Holy shit! Both of these infamous acts provide a crucial component in this inhuman release. Cannabis Corpse strives with their stoner-soundtrack, while Ghoul provides a baleful symphony. Get ready to rage with this EP

The first two songs to appear on the album are from Cannabis Corpse. The Inhalation Plague starts the hazy brutality instantly. The melodic guitarwork allows for the song to be chill, but the rapid drumming gives it that nefarious edge.

Shatter Their Bongs takes that hazy-feel to another level. They diminish the melodic feel and incorporate more aggressive playing. As the song progresses, it transcends to a solo-chanty jumble that leads into a slower part. And then it goes back to being aggressive. Take it to Cannabis Corpse to make progressive time signatures and aggressive soloing stoner as fuck. They definitely know how to write the soundtrack to your delirious marijuana-induced state.

Ghoul amplifies the intensity with the last two songs. Inner Sanctum is a feel-good punk-influenced jam that will make you want to consume so much alcohol that you will destroy everything in sight. Spill Your Guts is the most fun on the EP. It’s fast, catchy, but the melodic hooks really stay with you. This song I would love to see performed live.

Ghoul’s insane songs mesh with the inhaled belligerence of Cannabis Corpse. Both bands exhibit dexterous playing while also keeping their pugnacious style. But the singular style of each band combined is what truly makes this EP stand out. So whether you have a joint in your hand or a bottle – or one in each hand – go on and ravage to this demented EP



1. The Inhalation Plague (Cannabis Corpse)
2. Shatter their Bongs (Cannabis Corpse)
3. Inner Sanctum (Ghoul)
4. Spill Your Guts (Ghoul)

Genre: Death Metal/Thrash/Punk

Label: Tankcrimes Records

Playing Time: 12 Minutes

Line up:

Cannabis Corps:

Hallhammer – Drums
Landphil– Bass/ Vocals
Brent Legion – Guitar


Digestor– Guitar and Vox
Dissector- Guitar
Cremator– Bass and Vox
Fermentor– Drums and Vox
Mr. Fang- Coffins and Curios
Kogar the Destructor- random violence and hype-thing






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