Jul 16

Cannabis Corpse – From Wisdom to Baked (2014)



So Cannabis Corpse released a new album. And guess what? It sounds like more Cannabis Corpse! Well they took their awesome song titles from bands such as Death and Gorguts, and I couldn’t be happier! Who is gonna complain about more stoner death metal? Especially since this stoner band doesn’t sound like crap, like most stoner bands do.

Of course this album is filled with hilarious song titles and brutal yet baked tracks! The first up is Baptized In Bud. Coming from someone who has a tattoo of the Scream Bloody Gore album cover, I really get a kick out of this one. But overall this song is classic Cannabis Corpse: deep, ruthless, and hazy.

There are some sick solos on this album, but the best featured in the song Weedless Ones. Right in the middle of the song, it cuts to a screechy jubilee of vitality, followed by the typical low and steady Cannabis Corpse we all grew to know.

Another one of my favorites is Voice of the Bowl (another re-created Death track that’s hilarious). I’m used to the Cannabis Corpse’s style of classic death metal — but more high. This one is much faster than any of the other songs. Some of the techniques I feel are more comparable to a band like Suffocation: the riffing gets really fast, and then slows down for a more nefarious feel.

I especially like THC Crystal Mountain. The song starts out with a setar intro and turns into a maniacal marijuana genocide. If there was such thing as one, this song would be it. Either way, it’s super heavy and violent. Just the way death metal should sound; regardless if pot is involved or not.

With Their Hash He Will Create shall hereby become the national stoned headbanging anthem! It is the perfect headbanging song: the song itself starts off really thrashy and after about a minute cuts into a steady yet deep riff that you can’t help but headbang extremely hard to. And the song just keeps getting better! More heavier and headbangier.

From Wisdom to Baked is the most inventive track on the album. It’s so brutal this song is the reason why our law system fears the War on Drugs. It’s dissonant and unpredictable in the way that parts are either really slow or really rapid, or really melodic or really brutal. There’s a reason why this song is the album’s title track, and that’s because it’s awesome.

You gotta love Cannabis Corpse for being that one silly death metal stoner band. And you have to appreciate them for being so iconicfor being that one silly death metal stoner band! So go ahead and get From Wisdom to Baked and do what you do for every Cannabis Corpse album: smoke a blunt and headbang!



1. Baptized In Bud
2. Zero Weed Tolerance
3. Weedless Ones
4. Individual Pot Patterns
5. Pull The Carb
6. Considered Dank
7. Voice Of The Bowl
8. THC Crystal Mountain
9. With Their Hash He Will Create
10. From Wisdom To Baked
11. Medicinal Healing

Genre: Death Metal

Record Label: Season Of Mist


Hallhammer – DRUMS
Landphil -BASS/ Vocals



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