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Candlemass – Psalms For The Dead (2012)


After 25+ years and considered by many the pioneers of a whole metal genre, it’s sad to see a titan walk away towards the sunset. Candlemass lay down the foundations of what today is call Doom metal way before Paradise Lost & Katatonia would build upon what they created during the 90’s.

With Psalms For The DeadCandlemass says goodbye to music. And what a gift they left us. The album opens with Prophet a classical doom rendition with a twist of classic metal that evokes the spirit of Black Sabbath. Heavy, daring and enchanted. The Sound Of Dying Demons is a slow song that gives the enough space to appreciate the vocal work of Robert Lowe, and be amazed by his talent. Dancing In The Temple (Of Mad Queen Bee) is a psychedelic kind of song very dark that somehow remind me of Iron Butterfly, definitely a song for lunatics and freaks.

Waterwitch have that guitar distortion that you can listen today on stoner metal bands, but that empowers the doom part, and make it more macabre. The Lights Of Thebe a very atmospheric song full of background suspense, it’s like hearing the soundtrack of an 80’s horror flick. A very melodic tune for a Candlemass song. Psalms For The Dead is a soft song, very 70’s oriented that can recall influences from Deep Purple and even Rainbow, but in a sinister form of course. The Killing Of The Sun has again that Sabbath tone all over the song, I don’t know if that was intentional from Candlemass to write this song like that, but it came out really amazing. Siren Song is a very slow and dark song that has a NWOBH vibe going on the way on which the voice is manipulated by LoweBlack As Time closes the album with a whole explanation of the idea of time, a very philosophical way in which Candlemass chooses to close their last album, very dark song, full of guitar attacks.

Psalms For The Dead is the farewell album of a band that developed a sound that became a whole genre, and the start of a whole new culture. An enjoyable album that is more of a retrospective of the influences of the band, but that they adapted to their own sound, and added their own musical perspective. It is sad to see a titan like Candlemass go away, but hopefully they will come back in some sort of reunion tour, but now is too early to think about that.


1. Prophet 06:05
2. The Sound of Dying Demons 05:30
3. Dancing in the Temple (Of the Mad Queen Bee) 03:38
4. Waterwitch 07:03
5. The Lights of Thebe 05:49
6. Psalms for the Dead 05:15
7. The Killing of the Sun 04:09
8. Siren Song 05:57
9. Black as Time 06:47


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