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Camden Cruz’s 10 top albums of 2013



I’m Camden Cruz, one of the guitarists of the Floridian Power Metal band Seven Kingdoms.
Before we go to the list, I need to say that I didn’t have all the time to listen to all the amazing releases this year. There are several CDs I still need to spin and a lot of other mentions that were great. For one reason or another, I just did not listen to them on the regular.
The order was based on how many times I actually listened to the album, The influence of my friends and personal taste/bias.

Arsis - Unwelcome - Artwork
10. ArsisUnwelcome

Arsis was one of the very first Death Metal bands that I was able to see live. They put on an amazing show (with Nechrophagist), and I was blown away. The new album returns to a little older side of Arsis fashion and its full of riffs!


9. SkeletonwitchSerpents Unleashed 

This album is just full of amazing power/death/thrash assaults. It is one of those CDs that will find yourself stomping around your own kitchen in circles, head-banging.


Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam - Artwork
8. SuffocationPinnacle of Bedlam

BRUTAL DEATH METAL, that is all.


Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods
7. Amon AmarthDeceiver Of The Gods

Amon Amarth’s new album is just classic as always. It’s a band that has released consistently great discs throughout their careers, and this is no different. If they have a new CD out that year, chances are, it’s in my list \m/


6. White WizzardThe Devil’s Cut

I seriously spun the song ‘Strike The Iron’ at least twice a day for MONTHS. It’s a classic for me, and the rest of the cd is also great! Soaring power-vocals, riffs and a little cheese there for those that like it make this album a great one!



5. Death AngelThe Dream Calls For Blood

THRASH METAL!!! I have to admit, that this is the very first Death Angel CD that I have heard. I am ashamed, and you can find me buried under their discography for the next several weeks. Also is ‘Best Guitar Tone of 2013’ for me.



4. Killswitch Engage Disarm The Descent

Armed with their new, old vocalist, they have put out a classic album. It’s like a brand new version of the Old KSE. It is very catchy, full of great riffs and you can hear all those years of experience that Adam D has learned producing coming together in the Ultimate KSE album.



3. A Day To RememberCommon Courtesy

I know what you’re probably thinking, but yes, this album is just super fun. I don’t personally care for the slower songs on the album, but the other songs that are good, are REALLY good. It’s an album full of popular ‘hits’, and they have really hit the nail on the head for how they wanted this record to ‘sound’. Every aspect of this album was designed and written for a propose, and you can really hear how deliberate the writing is. It should be labeled as the ‘feel good / most fun’ album of 2013. It’s one of the most catchy things I’ve heard in a long time. I spun this CD A LOT, and that is why it lands in my top 3.



2. DGMMomentum

SHRED ALBUM OF THE YEAR for me. The whole album is full of absolutely ridiculous riffs and battles between the guitarist and the keyboardist. It’s notes galore without being too over the top. They rode the prog/power line perfectly as neither genre out-does another and the singer puts nice, memorable melodies overtop of it. WINNING.


1. StratovariusNemesis

Seven Kingdoms was able to support Stratovarius this year on a tour. We got the chance to see this album preformed live, 25 times. Before seeing them, the album was still amazing, but it wasn’t the same after we came home. All the experience of sharing your lives and being around a band for months changes your perception for the better or for the worse. We were able to learn and apply lessons as a band by these experiences. This is the best album from them in a long time. I think they really captured what Stratovarius is now, and what they will continue to become. The new lineup is fantastic and solid. I think this shows (along with my bias, haha) with my Top Album of 2013!

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