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Caliban – Ghost Empire (2014)


Caliban - Ghost Empire

The inherent issue with the majority of metalcore bands is that too many albums can fall into the trap of sounding like a 40-minute, downtuned chug-fest.  However, Germany’s Caliban is one of the few metalcore bands from the early/mid-2000s that rose above the swath of like-minded bands from that period.  When they signed with Roadrunner Records in 2004 and released The Opposite Within, they really started gaining the attention of fans and critics, building a fairly global fanbase.  Fast forward a decade and Caliban are out with their newest offering, Ghost Empire.

The album kicks off with King, a track that may cause you to jump around and flail your limbs around carelessly if you don’t exhibit caution.  It dives right into a pounding rhythm likely to incite a few moshpits.  Caliban definitely flexes their metal chops throughout the album, but the gang choruses in tracks like Chaos – Creation and Your Song give a nod to their hardcore influences.  Look for Your Song to be a crowd favorite after the album’s release; the chorus was built for the audience to get involved.

Cries and Whispers is one of the more interesting tracks, starting out with a bluesy slide guitar intro, then flipping the switch and crashing into more of an exercise in the (over)popular djent movement.  This element of their sound certainly compliments the music and can be heard throughout the album, but the band is thankfully not completely overbearing with it.

Good Man is another one of the noteworthy songs on the album and gets the job done by displaying a straightforward attitude.  It’s one of the slower tracks on the album, but it allows you to better absorb the reality that Caliban manages to write some pretty solid tunes, adding enough melodies and other foreign elements to keep the album from getting stale.  Be sure to listen to tracks such as nebeL, I Am Rebellion, and the closing bonus track Falling Downwards, all which have earworm-worthy choruses that keep everything moving along nicely.

Over the years, Caliban has definitely shifted their sound a bit, adding dashes of technicality to keep it fresh, while staying within the framework of their back catalog.  While Ghost Empire isn’t going to whip the metal community into a chaotic frenzy, it is a solid album that will certainly garner some new fans and should satisfy those that have been with the band for a while.


1.  King
2.  Chaos – Creation
3.  Wolves and Rats
4.  nebeL
5.  I Am Ghost
6.  Devil’s Night
7.  Your Song
8.  Cries and Whispers
9.  Good Man
10. I Am Rebellion
11. Who We Are
12. My Vertigo
13. Falling Downwards (Bonus Track)

Genre: Metalcore

Record Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 48 Minutes

Line Up:

Andreas Dörner – vocals
Marc Görtz – guitar
Denis Schmidt – guitar
Patrick Grün – drums
Marco Schaller – bass guitar



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