Jun 22

Butcher Babies checked in with The Age Of Metal



Los Angeles based heavy metal band Butcher Babies had made a shocking impact in Sunset Strip during the last 2 years by going from playing gigs at the Roxy to touring the US with Marilyn Manson. Then signing with Century Media records, and now they are on the bill for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013. An achievement that in today’s music industry’s reality looks pretty impressive.

The truth is that, Butcher Babies had won that fair and square. As they represent the renaissance of the heavy metal essence by combining heavy melodies, a strong stage presence, sexy looking girls, and tons of blood on stage. (Because wearing flannel shirts, mustaches, plastic glasses and singing slow songs about rainbows is not fucking metal) Their live shows are a mix of aggression, sexuality, and abuse with heavy music playing in the background. They even had coined the tag ‘Slut-Rock‘, and it seems it had worked out pretty well so far for them.

Butcher Babies are getting ready to hit the road across the US this summer as part of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013, they also are gearing up to release their first full studio album titled, Goliath, this July 9th. It is not doubt that Butcher Babies will shock and provoke the masses at their shows during the festival, and show them that girls can rock as good or better than their male counterparts. So be on the look out for their show at any of the festival’s stops this upcoming July & August

The Age Of Metal had the chance chat with Butcher Babies last Saturday at the Century Media headquarters in Los Angeles. We talked about, Goliath, Mayhem Fest, Shock Rock, the definition of Butcher Babies, and what is next for them.


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