Apr 15

Bryce & Chris of Seeker talked with The Age of Metal



Have you ever heard of Seeker? Well you have now! A kick ass heavy metal band from Dallas, Texas that will blow you to pieces. Heavy doesn’t even begin to describe these guys. Let’s put it simply, Seeker‘s sound is angry and wants to piss you off. So don’t be offended.

This week Seeker and others stopped by in Tempe, AZ to give us a true metal experience. Mostly an underground band, this was Seekers first headlining tour. Songs like Serpent Skinand The Antagonist were played for the audience that night. The sound was perfect without any malfunctions, and the strobe lights added an erie effect to the room. Overall a great show! Tempe is prepared for round two Seeker, so whenever you’re ready!

After their show The Age of Metal got to chat with vocalist/songwriter Bryce Lucien, and new bassist Chris Keasler. We asked them about touring, lyrical inspiration, and a new album. Go ahead on Facebook and check out Seeker if you haven’t already, and download some of their tunes for free at bandcamp.com!


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