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Borealis – Purgatory (2015)



Canadian progpower metal band Borealis has been around since 2005 with their first album released in 2008, after 10 years and 2 studio album, this band native of Ontario, Canada is releasing their third studio album, and one of the heaviest records to hit the market this year. Their style fluctuate between the influences of Kamelot, Evergrey, Symphony X & Sonata Arctica.

Purgatory, opens with Past The Veil, one of the heaviest songs within the record. The vocal power of Matt Marinelli – at the very style of Russell Allen (Symphony X ) – resounds strong within the song, the combination between power metal guitar riffs and the symphonic ambient parts of the song enrich the track and it make it quite powerful to the ear. From The Ashes, Is a more complex song, very rhythmic and more structured, the musical complexity of the song is quite interesting, and the combinations between male and female vocals adds texture to the song. The Chosen One, is a more melodic song, still progressive, but the melody is all over it. What makes this song great is the diversity of speeds that combined with the powerful & at time soft vocals makes it a livid experience.

Destiny & My Peace, are the most powerful songs on this album, the driving force of the guitar combined with the keyboards is just way too powerful, the vocals and all the feeling and sentiment that Matt puts on his performance makes this two songs quite big within the album. Darkest Sin, soft and calm as the breeze of a summer night, this song delivers a relaxing experience, the lyrical narrative makes a bit load, but overall is a great ballad.

Place Of Darkness, could be defined as a riff driven song, real fast, but complex and rich on progressions and changes. Even though the song is complex, it has catchy parts which make it more interesting to the ear. Welcome To Eternity, continues the theme of the album, and the combination between symphonic backgrounds and progressions. This song is just eclectically sophisticated from beginning to end. Sacrifice, is without a doubt one of the most interesting songs on the whole album, It has this galloping riffing style at the beginning of it that lays the foundation of how epically this song gets all the way through the end.

Rest My Child, is the second of the album, a bit less strong than Darkest Sin, but still good. Purgatory & Revelation closed the album in a fine note, real heavy songs, driven by catchy riffs, and epic atmospheric backgrounds. Borealis, has grown to be an amazing band, and this album is a reflection of their hard work and their skills. I remember seeing them a few years back opening for Saxon in front of a small club crowd, but they played like it was 50.000 people at that room. Purgatory is an amazing album that will get you pump out & ready to see Borealis live when they tour with Evergrey in North America later this year.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆


Track Listing :

1. Past The Veil
2. From The Ashes
3. The Chosen One
4. Destiny
5. Darkest Sin
6. My Peace
7. Place Of Darkness
8. Welcome To Eternity
9. Sacrifice
10. Rest My Child
11. Purgatory
12. Revelation

Genre: Progressive Metal/PowerMetal

Record Label: AFM Records

Playing time: 52 Minutes

Line up:

Matt Marinelli – Guitars & Vocals
Mike Briguglio – Guitars
Sean Werlick – Keyboards
Jamie Smith – Bass
Sean Dowell – Drums




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