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Bonded by Blood- The Aftermath (2012)


Thrash is alive & well.  From Pomona, CA, thrashers from Bonded by Blood have a new album called “The Aftermath,” (Earache Records).   This is the bands first record showcasing their new singer Mauro Gonzalez who is replacing Jose Barrales. Their album before that was Exiled To Earth (2010). The band was formed back in 2005 and since then have improved and changed their ways showing the metal scene that thrash isn’t going anywhere.  Filled with high-tops, jean vests, and a don’t care attitude this group of 4 young guys compose this awesome thrash bands.  Current band line up is Mauro Gonzalez – (Vocals), Juan Juarez -(Guitar), Carlos Regalado- (Drums), Jessie Sanchez- (Bass).

I Can’t Hear You starts things off.  The song is really catchy and has a very catch guitar rift that gets you into it. Shepherds of Rot speeds things up & reminds you a bit of a Megadeth rift & Municipal Waste for a quick second.   The song has a cool break down at about 4:19 where the vocals get deeper.  Really liked that part it gives them a unique sound and touch.  The title track off the album The Aftermath sounds hypnotic rift in the beginning and then jumps into classic thrash beats with a very dark under tone.  You can tell by listening to the first 3 songs on this album how Bonded By Blood is trying to develop their own sound & style that fans can recognize.  Crawling in the Shadows heavy bass line intro with a ready to mosh attitude can only describe this killer song.  Vocals are sick & so is everything else on this track.  

In a Wake &  Repulsive two great songs off the album.  They have that old thrash sound with a modern twist.  The recording those songs sounds extra crisp and will make you bang you head.  Among the Vultures is a slower track that has a very funky beginning it’s very groovy.  Then after about 25 seconds in you get blasted with in your face vocals.  Show No Fear has a very pessimistic hopeless sound to it.  It’s a song that will drag you down and slam you right in your face.  Showing that thrash songs can be sang with different tones.   Restless Mind high accelerated energy was definitely put into this song when it was made.  It’s chorus is a little more calm and you can hear a cool baseline as well as great guitar solos.  Left Behind is a much more calmer song off the album slowly bringing things to an end after of course the band treated us with a special surprise.  Killing in the Name (Rage Against The Machine cover) as fan of Rage Against The Machine I have to admit the song was done really well.  Everything was awesome from the vocals to the guitar solos.  They really did a great cover of the classic tune.

The Aftermath over all was a great album to listen to.  The band is proving to they are growing and developing their sound and aren’t going anywhere.  The new addition of their new singer has only made the band greater.  They sounded great, the recording was very clean and the songs sounded unique but still had the essence of thrash.  Today’s modern thrash fans should really pick up the album and the old schoolers as well.  Great album all should enjoy.

Track List (personal picks*)

1. I Can’t Hear You

2. Shepherds of Rot*

3. The Aftermath*

4. Crawling in the Shadows*

5. In a Wake

6. Repulsive

7. Among the Vultures

8. Show No Fear

9. Restless Mind

10. Left Behind

11. Killing in the Name (Rage Against The Machine cover)

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