Oct 14

Bobby “Blitz” of Overkill talks North American Tour & White Devil Armory



Ever since I got to see Overkill in Bogotá, Colombia in front of over 100.000 people at Rock Al Parque 2011, they have become along with Exodus and Death Angel one my favorite thrash metal bands to see live. Their new album White Devil Armory is brutal as fuck, and their previous work, The Electric Age is a fantastic piece of thrash metal music. But nothing surpasses the feeling of seeing this Jersey guys up on stage. 

Here is the thing, Overkill live is the purest description of brutality on stage, smashing song after song, and not given a single fuck. The only thing they seem to worry about is to deliver a high quality performance, and that the fans are able to enjoy every minute of it. They are a brutal band by nature, and if you have ever seen them live you will recognize truth on what I am saying here. Recently Overkill stopped by Tempe, AZ last week as they are currently touring the US with Symphony X.

During their stop here, the Jersey quintet delivered a powerful show which included songs from White Devil Armory, Feel The Fire, The Electric Age, Under The Influence, Iron Bound and The Years Of Decay. It overall was a trip through a major chuck of their discography and their show was electrifying. I am positive that this one of the best thrash metal shows that I have seen this year, surpassing by miles the Slayer show over the summer.

Before the show Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth of Overkill talked to The Age Of Metal about touring with Symphony X, their new album White Devil Armory, and what is next for Overkill after this North American tour.

Pictures: Overkill live at The Marquee Theater (Tempe, AZ 10/07/15)



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