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Blind Guardian – Beyond The Red Mirror (2015)



THE GUARDIAN HAS RETURN…This is really a motive of celebration, after almost 5 years without a new release Blind Guardian returns with a new studio album titled, Beyond The Red Mirror. There is something special about listening to new material from these teutonic icons of power metal, It feels almost like you are renewing your power metal bows every time you listen to them. After 30 years of forging the genre Hansi Kürsch and company  have added a new chapter to the legend of their music. 

The Ninth Wave and Grand Parade are not only the first and last songs on the album, but they are also the longest (9:30 minutes each), and I could say that they are also the most epic pieces of music on this album, the musical arrangements and the guitar work of André Olbrich & Marcus Siepen on both songs are just amazing, the background symphonic parts, and the choir work are just beautifully crafted. Twilight Of The Gods reminds me a bit to the old good Helloween times (Keepers I & II), the song delivers the well-known melodic vocals of Hansi that make it feel like you were listening to a Middle Earth lullaby with heavy riffs and bombastic drum fills. It’s not doubt that Blind Guardian has transformed their sound for a while now, for some people they had changed, but for others they just got better and better at delivering thrilling and epic music.

Prophecies & At The Edge Of Time are the very proof of that, the bombastic symphonic parts, and the choruses are so rich and fantastic that it will take time for you to pick up your own jaw from the floor. After working with three worldwide choirs from Budapest, Prague and Boston, along with two full-scale orchestras composing by 90 members each. The final product speaks for itself. even though I still wonder why the music of Blind Guardian has never been considered as soundtrack for any Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter movies (it just something very wrong on that, don’t you think?), I think their capability to create fantasy/sci-fi music should be the number one reason for them to to be include on productions of that caliber.

Ashes Of Eternity is really a catchy song, with a bit of 80’s guitar feel put into the mix, I think this could be the biggest and more bombastic song of the album, really full of rhythms, fills and amazing guitar riffs. The Holy Grail is the fastest song on the record, really just speed and amazing vocal choirs, I would say this song is the representation of what power metal really is. The Throne comes off as the symphonic mastodon of this album, the background classic parts combined with the epic lyrics and the musical heaviness of Blind Guardian makes a great song on this album.

Sacred Mind is a traditional Blind Guardian power metal song that has the lifting power to make you headbang, sing along, and throw your fits into the air, all at the same time, It’s interesting to see how this band is capable to revamp themselves and at the same time keep their trademark sound intact. Of course there is an epic ballad on this record, that my friends will be Miracle Machine, a real emotive song that channels the inner Queen (the band) of Blind Guardian, also once again it showcase the eternal power of Hansi‘s voice.

Beyond The Red Mirror is another piece of power metal greatness by Blind Guardian, the symphonic and choir structures of the album makes the band sound huge, not only on how epic and moving the whole record is, but it also gives a nice touch to the continuation of the story that begun in to their 1995 album, Imaginations from the Other Side. Once again they have done it, Blind Guardian has successfully added a new chapter to the story of power metal, an a milestone to their very own legend.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



  1. The Ninth Wave
  2. Twilight Of The Gods
  3. Prophecies
  4. At The Edge Of Time
  5. Ashes Of Eternity
  6. The Holy Grail
  7. The Throne
  8. Sacred Mind
  9. Miracle Machine
  10. Grand Parade

Genre: Power Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing time: 65 Minutes

Line up: 

Hansi Kürsch – Vocals
André Olbrich – Guitars
Marcus Siepen – Guitars
Frederik Ehmke – Drums



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