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Bill Steer of Carcass chats with The Age of Metal


By Shadowgate (originally posted to Flickr as Carcass 18) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Carcass is one of the most influential bands in metal history and riff master Bill Steer is a large reason for that. Guitarists the world over have credited Steer with molding the way they play. Even 17 years since their last studio album, you can hear his influence everywhere.

After the sudden breakup of the band in 1996, Steer went off and collaborated on several other projects, but there was always something left unfinished for him. His chance to change that began in 2007 when the members of Carcass decided to dust off the gear and reunite. While the reunion shows were satisfying, there was still something missing.

Somewhere along the way, Steer and bandmate Jeff Walker began messing around with song ideas. As they continued, the songs started taking shape and that’s when the idea for recording a new record was born. However, it had been 17 years since the last one. Would they actually do it? After some consideration, they decided to go for it. On September 13, 2013, their newest offering, Surgical Steel, will be unleashed upon ravenous fans. (read our review here)

Bill Steer took some time out to sit down with The Age of Metal and discuss the new album. During the conversation, Steer opens up about the risk they took when recording the album, entering the studio with acclaimed producer Colin Richardson again, and more…


Bill Steer of Carcass chats with The Age of Metal by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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