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Belphegor – Conjuring the Dead (2014)


Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead - Artwork

Belphegor’s most recent masterpiece will prove that they are more than another extreme metal band. Conjuring The Dead is both everything we know about Belphegor, and a Belphegor we’ve never seen yet. This album will persuade and amaze the listener, completely submitting themselves to the band that is the apex of everything unorthodox. With one listen, Belphegor will make the listener become aware of both the evils and the pleasures of the world.

Belphegor goes right into their annihilating yet seductive onslaught with the song Gasmask Terror. I’ve read in interviews that the dudes in Belphegor are very fond of gas masks. When used in BDSM/fetish sex, gas masks convey several meanings such as degradation and bondage since they allude to a sense of mystery. This song captures that exciting mood of a pleasurable enigma. You hear the dexterity in the rapid drumming; yet the guitar tone is low and the picking is melodic. Belphegor expertly opens the album with a track that only gives the listener a taste of the pleasure they will receive.

The next song is one of the most brutal on the album. The title track Conjuring The Dead lives up to its name. The song itself starts with a soundclip talking about a witch (need to find out what movie that’s from). But suddenly the song transforms into a powerful extravaganza of the most impressive riffing featured on the album. The overall tone is huge; it courses through your body, making you completely rabid. An atmospheric soft part cuts toward the end. Its result is a combination of the beautiful atmosphere with demolishing musicianship.

Rex Tremendae Majestatis is another track that stands out to me. The title is taken from Mozart’s Requiem, and if you’re familiar with the piece you know of both its power and solace. Belphegor’s analogous track contains those same elements such as the mellifluous riffing with the vitality of the drums.

The next song Black Winged Torment throws the listener off guard. This nefarious endeavor captures the demonic image Belphegor conveys perfectly. Everything is amplified: the riffing is more intricate, the drumming is provoking, and the track overall screams animosity (this analogy could be literal). This is the wrathful Belphegor the listener has been waiting for.

Legions Of Destruction is my favorite song off of the album. They took a lot of skill to create a detonative track, yet the melodic parts are catchy to keep the listener coming back. The listener finally experiences the technicality of the guitars, especially in the solo around the middle of the song. Why is this my favorite song off of the album? Because I feel it’s the perfect Belphegor song.

The last song on the record is Pactum In Aeternam. “In Aeternam” means “forever” and “pactum” means “agreement.” This slow and atmospheric song leaves the listener in a trance. The listener then takes a stance with Belphegor; that the listener will be true to the band and will forever serve them. For everything Belphegor will ever do, they always have their army of listeners to fight alongside them.

Belphegor is the apostate band in metal for several reasons. They encompass all of the heretical qualities that metal is known for, but have their singular method to where they’re illimitable. They have that sensual brutality to where they tease the listener, slitting the knife slowly into the flesh one cut at a time to let the blood ooze. They perpetuate their individuality, and also take no prisoners. These are the reasons why Conjuring the Dead, and Belphegor as a whole, continues to prevail.



1. Gasmask Terror
2. Conjuring the Dead
3. In Death
4. Rex Tremendae Majestatis
5. Black Winged Torment
6. The Eyes
7. Legions of Destruction
8. Flesh Bones and Blood
9. Lucifer, Take Her!
10. Pactum In Aeternum

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Helmuth – Vocals
Serpenth – Bass
Marthyn – Drums (Live, Studio)
Schoft – Guitar (Live)



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