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Behemoth – The Satanist (2014)


Behemoth - The Satanist

What can we expect from a new Behemoth album if not destruction and darkness in the form of the most brutal and heaviest album released so far this year. With a title like The Satanist, Behemoth goes to hell and beyond to deliver a magnificent piece of sonic destruction, it’s like the atomic bomb of metal in 2014, that no one will survived, not even the cockroaches or Keith Richards.

The Satanist opens with Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel, a trademark sound of Behemoth, that puts the whole album in perspective, and lays the foundations of what is to come on this record. Furor Divinus is one of the heaviest  song out of the record, that has a splash of Immortal & Agathodaimon on it. The spark created by this song was enough to ignite my curiosity of how this song would sound live, but I will tell you later if they ever play it at the Metal Alliance Tour later this year. Messe Noire is the most melodic song on the album, definitely a more Behemoth song, full of character that represent the sound and character of the band.

Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer, is pretty much my favorite song of this album. I don’t know if is because it has the vulgar beauty of a dark player to summon Satan, or because the epicness of the song itself. But is so fucking powerful, definitely the strongest song on the album. Amen, is exactly what the word means, an approbation and validation to the dark, in the most brutal way possible. The title track, The Satanist, is a dark omen of melodic black metal, that comes off as mellow in a weird way that fits the record perfectly.

Ben Sahar, is a more classic approach, that reminiscence an early Dimmu Borgir sound (think about Enthrone Darkness Triumphant for a second), really dark with a lot of well place riffs, and a nice symphonic approach. In The Absence Ov Light, is a soft song, with a nice acoustic guitar piece in the middle of it, a really estrange song which makes this album more exotic. The Satanist closes with O Father O Satan O Sun!, this song is the perfect way to finish the album in a full circle, as it is similar to the opening song.

Behemoth, continues carrying the torch of black metal, and they are along with Watain & Inquisition one of the bands that had led the genre into a new era. The Satanist, is a representation of the new sound of the black metal genre, that without falling into old clichés, brings a sense of freshness into the music that changed the metal scene since the early 90’s. the only float on this record, is the album cover, which is too simple and comes short to represent the magnificence of the music on it.



1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
2. Furor Divinus
3. Messe Noire
4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
5. Amen
6. The Satanist
7. Ben Sahar
8. In the Absence ov Light
9. O Father O Satan O Sun!

Genre: Extreme/Black Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast (EU) / Metal Blade Records (USA)

Playing Time: 44 Minutes

Line Up:

NERGAL – Guitar & Vocals
ORION- Bass Guitar
SETH- Guitar



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