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Behemoth kicks off Blasfemia Amerika 2016 (Philadelphia, PA 04/21/16)



With supporting Myrkur, the relentless creative fury that is Behemoth, kicked off their BLASFEMIA AMERIKA TOUR 2016 this Thursday, April 21st, at Philadephia’s Theatre of the Living Arts. and it was a wonderful evening filled with haunting melodies and endless brutality.

For two decades- ‘Nations fall prey’… 

Ever since 2014’s release, The SatanistBehemoth has been relentless with their creative assault and they have not given the slightest indication that they are going to back off. The Satanist is definitely the band’s career defining album, even if they surpass it in the coming years, this release in particular will always mark a cornerstone in the band’s history.  The level of refinement the band possesses now is extremely commendable, including their extensive merchandise, delicious beer, seamless live performances, and videos; obviously front man Adam Nergal Darski is a man of impeccable taste. Their visual brilliance was not accomplished alone  but is the result of their incredibly fruitful collaboration with artist Toxic Vision.  Behemoth is not only being supported by the female force Myrkur but will also have alongside with it the traveling exhibition ‘The Congregation’- the manifestation of Toxic Vision’s dark world.

I am honestly a little surprised that they kicked the tour off in Philadelphia, but am glad that my city of brotherly love was given this honor.  Metal heads congregated in Center City for a late evening at the Theater of the Living Arts.  No local support- just Myrkur and Behemoth. Hailing from Denmark- Myrkur is one of the more delicate things to come from Relapse Records.   Both bands have an unmistakable level of maturity to their music- even though her style is more haunting and angelic it serves as a great counter to the relentless brutality of Behemoth.   Her set included music from both the self-titled EP- Myrkur  and the latest full release- M.

In ritualistic fashion, Inferno, Seth, Orion, and Nergal make their entrances on stage.  The only light is from projectors illuminating Seth and Orion atop their stands and the crowd waits in anticipation while the unmistakable pulse of ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’ begins. This tour is truly a support of this pinnacle release- Behemoth performed The Satanist  in its entirety.  Obviously, this does not work for every band or every release, but since this album is such a cohesive and seamless project it is perfectly suited for this.  I would not be surprised if that was part of their initial vision all along.

Behemoth entranced Philly for a solid 90-minute set.  Enticing the crowd with the thunderous Amen and ripping our hearts out with The Satanist.  We were pawns. Every time the lights went dim and they appeared to go off stage we all begged for more.  They were, of course, merciful.  Nergal has never been a man of many words between songs and during the encore he revealed his uncompromising manner and passion for his art.

This tour is a triptych of black metal… embracing the genre’s range and dichotomy. It’s easy to say if you love Behemoth and extreme metal then this is a must see- BUT not any less significant if you are a fan of old school black metal let  Myrkur’s blend bewitch you.

Horns up! \,,/



Photos: Behemoth, Myrkur


Set list

  1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
  2. Furor Divinus
  3. Messe Noire
  4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
  5. Amen
  6. The Satanist
  7. Ben Sahar
  8. In the Absence ov Light
  9. O Father O Satan O Sun!
  10. Pure Evil and Hate
  11. Antichristian Phenomenon
  12. Conquer All
  13. At the Left Hand ov God
  14. Chant for Eschaton 2000


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