Jul 17

Baroness – Yellow and Green (2012)


Double albums are a strange fixture in music, on one hand it gives bands the chance to release a lot of music in one release to the masses but on the other hand the amount of music can be a bit overwhelming for listeners. Yellow and Green, the newest double release for Baroness takes the former position in this case. Chiming in at a little more than an hour long, the double album is pretty reasonable to listen to in one sitting (individually, both Yellow and Green are about 40 minutes each). With this new release Baroness has again developed their sound even further.

     With Yellow and Green, Baroness continues on their colour theme (Red being the first one followed by Blue). With their Blue Record Baroness had a heaviness that mixed well with their psychedelic and progressive undertones. However with Yellow and Green, Baroness has opted to create a more “rock” orientated sound. Yellow and Green are both in itself different from each other where Yellow has that great rock sound, Green is a bit more mellow and introspective. The singing style of frontman John Baizley in Yellow and Green is also a bit less aggressive adding more melody in his vocals. Instruments-wise, Baroness have toned down a bit of the metallic attack, songs like March of the Sea or Take My Bones Away have that Baroness sound that most listeners will recognise. The sound of Baroness has for better or worse progressed to include many of their influences, in the song Sea Lung for instance there is almost a Muse quality to the guitar sound. As said before the Green album is much mellow, here Baroness has created interesting soundscapes and atmospheres allowing Baroness to show a side of themselves that was shown somewhat in the Blue Record but never fully realised until the Green album. Songs like Foolsong or Collapse show this side of Baroness really well and vocalist John Baizley shows himself more prominently as a vocalist.

    Even though Baroness has chosen to forego somewhat their more sludge metal roots opting for a more rock and progressive sound, Yellow and Green is not a bad album in any stretch of the imagination. Yellow and Green sees Baroness coming into their own and progressing their sound more maturely. Yellow and Green will definitely be seen on many listener’s top 10 albums of the year for 2012.

1 Yellow Theme

2 Take My Bones Away

3 March to the Sea

4 Little Things

5 Twinkler

6 Cocainium

7 Back Where I Belong

8 Sea Lungs

9 Eula

1 Green Theme

2 Board Up the House

3 Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor)

4 Foolsong

5 Collapse

6 Psalms Alive

7 Stretchmarker

8 The Line Between

9 If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry


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