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John Baizley & Sebastian Thomson of Baroness discussed US tour, Purple & art



Savannah, GA metal band Baroness is currently touring the US in support of their new album Purple and last Saturday night they stop by the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix, AZ for a sold out show that delivered a fun-filled night of glorious good music to the crowd that attended the show. 

Baroness returned to the valley of the sun after a three-year of absence since their last show at Club Red in 2013. The festivities started early as vocalist and guitar player John Baizley set up one of his famous pop-up shows at Golden Rule Tattoo shop a few miles from the venue, where fans congregate to check out his artwork and get some prints for themselves.

The show at the Crescent Ballroom started around 8 pm and it was Pallbearer the band that kicked off the night with a very energetic performance to a full venue, Pallbearer is not a strange band to valley’s crowd as I saw a huge amount of positive response to their set, especially to their new song which will be featured on their new album to be released in 2017 as the band announced it on stage that night.


Baroness kicked off their set around 9:30 pm in front to a very excited crowd that filled every inch of the Crescent Ballroom, Baroness‘s set was composed of around 75% material from their new album Purple. Their live show does justice to the record and it reflects the energy that the band put on the recordings, so seeing that same attitude and the same emotion live definitely proves why Purple is one of the best Baroness works so far.

Songs like, Shock Me, Try To Disappear, Kerosene & Chlorine & Wine were some of my personal favorites through the evening. But, that was more than Purple to what Baroness presented live. They also played some material from their back catalog like Isak, Take My Bones Away, Green Theme, and Foolsong. It was a great show that delivered on both fronts as the Phoenix crowd showed up big, and Baroness and Pallbearer delivered astonishing sets.

In case you missed this show, they will be playing at The Rock in Tucson this Wednesday 08/31, or you know in case you want to have a double dose of awesomeness too.

Before the show in Phoenix, we talked with John Baizley (vocals/guitar) and Sebastian Thomson (drums) about the tour, their return to the valley, Purple, and art.


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