Nov 19

Barney Greenway of Napalm Death Talked to The Age of Metal


Napalm Death defies reason. They’ve gone from a band putting out one of the greatest grind records of all time (and releasing the shortest song mankind has ever recorded to boot), then losing all of those members, to finally gaining a solid lineup and releasing some of the greatest records known to the metal world.

They’re one of the few bands that, despite their age, can stay consistently awesome and continue to innovate. Utilitarian, their fifteenth (!!!) record, still proves them to be one of the smartest metal bands in the entire business. Seeing them live was an absolute treat that I didn’t think possible, and if you miss this tour, you’ve pretty much shot yourself in the foot. Even now, they continue gaining popularity, with them appearing on the popular UK show Skins last year (like you’d ever see them on the US version here). They’re also incredibly socially and politically active as well, which many of their most recent albums revolve around.

Up until Friday, they were on the shortlist of bands I’ve always wanted to see live but never have (due to the fact that they tour every three years or so and I missed their last stop here). The wait was well worth it. Tey destroyed the venue. Absolutely destroyed it. The crowd got particularly worked up when he gave a big ol’ fuck you to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a hated character amongst many Arizonan metalheads. If you missed this show, you fucked up. For the rest of you who are waiting to see them in your city, GO. Call in sick. Do what you gotta do. It’s well worth it.

We spoke to Barney Greenway vocalist of Napalm Death at their latest stop in Tempe with Municipal Waste, Exhumed, and Attitude Adjustment. The interview is below.

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