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Azarath – In Extremis (2017)


For nearly twenty years, Azarath, have been bringing their Blackened Death Metal madness to the masses. Mostly known for being the drummer of the mighty Behemoth, Zbigniew Robert Promiński, aka, Inferno, formed the band with Bruno and D in 1998 in Tczew, Poland. Inferno is the only founding member left in Azarath today. But the band has been going strong with six full length albums, playing huge festivals such as Inferno Fest and Party San, and have toured with great bands such as Marduk and Kataklysm.

Nearly six years after Azarath released their full length entitled, Blasphermer’s Maledictions, through Witching Hour Productions, they are back with their newest full length entitled, In Extremis, released through Agonia Records. In Extremis starts off with a killer track entitled, The Triumph of Ascending Majesty. The song opens with an awesome guitar solo, which I’m assuming is from Bart, a good, catchy riff, which I’m assuming is from Necrosodom, some always great blasts from Inferno, and then Necrosodom comes in with his always brutal vocals.

I like that even though there was already a great guitar solo at the beginning of the song, there is another short one, before the song ends with what sounds like both guitars and some weird tone effects. (I’m clearly not a musician, so I have no idea what effects could have been used to make those tones on both guitars, haha, but it sounds like some sort of reverb effect.). But it made for a very cool outro.

The third song on the album, Annihilation (Smite All The Illusions), is one of my favorites on In Extremis. It’s filled with some awesome drum fills, some groovy riffs, and the guitar solo leads up to the ending of the track. Just like the previous song, The Slain God, is full of awesome drum fills and groovy riffs. The clean vocals sound like a chant to a ritual, which gives the idea of a chant being said during or after the slaying of a god.

At The Gates of Understanding, is my favorite song on the album. I like the blasts of the drums accompanied by cymbal crashing, and the drum fills. I also like how the guitar solo seems to stop and go into a second part of the solo that’s faster. There was also a riff towards the end of the track that sounded very similar to an Immolation riff, which I thought was cool.

Even though In Extremis is a good album, after Parasu Blade, the album seemed to get a bit dull and repetitive. Sign of Apophis, and Into The Nameless Night, both have parts with the same vocals, which may make it seem like Into The Nameless Night isn’t a different song if you’re not paying attention. Plus music wise, In Extremis gets repetitive with the same sounding, groovy, riffs include bending of the strings, and all the drum fills.

The album ends with a track entitled Death, which is a great song. When Necrosodom sang what sounded like a line including the word “chaos,” it reminded me of Belphegor’s Bondage Goat Zombie, with the lyrics, “Hail chaos, chaos.” It just sounded really similar to that song in my opinion. Death ends with a guitar fading out, which makes it for a good ending to the album.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • The Triumph of Ascending Majesty
  • Let my Blood Become His Flesh
  • Annihilation (Smite All The Illusions)
  • The Slain God
  • At The Gates of Understanding
  • Parasu Blade
  • Sign of Apophis
  • Into The Nameless Night
  • Venomous Tears (Mourn of The Unholy Mother)
  • Death

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Record Label: Agonia Records

Playing Time: 40:32


Inferno – Drums
Bart – Guitar
Peter- Bass
Necrosodom – Guitar/Vocals



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