May 14

Autopsy – Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves (2014)



With every new release, Autopsy strengthens their destructive sound. Their obscure demeanor mixed with dexterous musicianship will provoke any listener. This newest release is titled Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves. The title embodies the grotesque imagery and style the music upholds. Just a year after the release of The Headless Ritual, bands like Autopsy prove that the classic style of brutal death metal still conquers everything. Not only that, but Autopsy proves that they’re one of the best at it.

Out of all of their releases, Autopsy hones a more coarse sound with this new release. They go beyond the traditional death metal style by incorporating adroit musicianship with the vulgar atmosphere. The album’s title track Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves encompasses the grungy and dirty sound Autopsy is known for, but to a different extent. This song is defined by a low and guttural sound, but the melodic riffing truly allows this song to stand out. This song is completed by a grueling solo towards the end.

With each song the album becomes even more coercing. The listener is sucked in even more to the collusion of sickening lyricism and grinding solos. This intensity is demonstrated with a song like Forever Hungry. The song begins with an arduous drum intro that evolves into a gruesome sludge-fest. The guitar-parts are also both catchy and morbid. This is why this unique track is especially inducing.

Toward the end of the album, the sound becomes more defined. It is mixed with colossal solos and threatening vibes. A song like Parasitic Eye is a sphere filled with grotesqueries. The grimy sound is fixed with an obliterating solo at the intro.  The riffing, then gets slower, and deliberately increases in acceleration. The unpredictable demeanor allows this song to thrive, while the thrashy feel makes this song upmost deleterious.

If you desire to be transported to a scene filled with gore and corpses, then you’ll appreciate the new Autopsy record. With that being said, you might as well start headbanging now. In short, this is how a death metal record deserves to be written. Take it upon Autopsy to serve it up real gross and brutal.



1. Savagery
2. King Of Flesh Ripped
3. Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves
4. The Howling Dead
5. After The Cutting
6. Forever Hungry
7. Teeth Of The Shadow Horde
8. All Shall Bleed
9. Deep Crimson Dreaming
10. Parasitic Eye
11. Burial
12. Autopsy

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Peaceville Records

Playing Time: 47 Minutes


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