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Aug 29

Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan Talked to The Age of Metal

Fun fact: I’ve been a fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan for almost a third of my life. This band was one of the first bands I started listening to when I transitioned from bigger metal bands (i.e., your Lamb of God type bands and whatnot) to smaller bands. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Aug 21

Adam “Nolly” Getgood of Periphery Talked to The Age of Metal

If you’re reading this on the Internet (and why wouldn’t you), odds are you’ve heard of Periphery. The band, thanks to the almost relentless internet promotion and unheard of business savvy in this scene, has blown up to be one of America’s biggest metal exports. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Aug 19

Corey Brandan of Norma Jean Talked to The Age of Metal

For the longest time, I wasn’t a fan of Norma Jean. They weren’t bad per se; they just weren’t for me. And then I heard some of the stuff off of their newest record Wrongdoers. It brings back a lot of the math-metal of Botch mixed with the groove of bands like Every Time I …

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Jul 25

Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole (2013)

Dead in the Dirt has created quite a bit of buzz over the past year. After they dropped Fear on Southern Lord Records and toured relentlessly behind it they’ve managed to create quite a cult following, touring behind bands such as Weekend Nachos and playing the amazing The Power of the Riff Festival this year. …

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Jul 13

TOAD. – Endless Night (2013)

Being that we’re based in Arizona, it’s only fair that we start posting reviews from bands from around the scene. There are amazing bands all over this great state of ours, and it’s high time they get the recognition they deserve. This brings us to this band: TOAD (short for Take Over and Destroy). Aside …

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Jul 02

KEN mode – Entrench (2013)

So here’s a hypothetical situation. Let’s say you have a day job – something in an office somewhere, decent hours, and decent pay. However, you moonlight in a metal band and tour when you can. Now, let’s say that against all odds, your band wins a Grammy for Best Metal Album – shocking everyone. So …

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Jun 25

Scorpion Child – Scorpion Child (2013)

Sometime last year, I went out and saw Gypsyhawk do a very small headliner in Tempe. Little did I know that the show would be stolen by these guys: a little band called Scorpion Child out of Austin, TX (an instant bonding point between myself and the band). Their music hearkens back to Led Zeppelin and …

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Jun 21

Author and Punisher – Women and Children (2013)

Author and Punisher is a one man project from a man named Tristan Shone. Except unlike many of your other one-man projects that rely on real instruments or a laptop, this one is a bit different. You see, Mr. Shone makes his own instruments. Here’s a video to show you what I mean, because I …

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Jun 11

Scale the Summit – The Migration (2013)

To call this one of my most anticipated records of 2013 would be an understatement. The Collective was on my top 10 of 2011 and the reason why I enjoy that so much (as well as the rest of their material) is because they focus way more on a song than on djent–esque wankery. The …

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Jun 11

Liam Cormier from Cancer Bats Talked to The Age of Metal

I find the Cancer Bats to be an interesting band. Although they’re rooted in hardcore punk, they have managed to grow through that into something more – not everyone can do six dates in 24 hours in a country different from their own and sell out every single show in that. They’ve managed to put …

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