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May 06

Incite Studio Report #2

Incite Recording week 2 Here we are rolling into week two. We’ve settled in at our extended stay hotel, made it nice & homey. We even christened the room with an ancient “smoke ceremony”. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Apr 23

Incite Studio Report 1

After the 2013 Maximum Cavalera Tour, Incite was gearing up to write the follow-up to All Out War. Problem was, our current guitar player decided that he no longer wanted to be in the band. This left us in kind of lurch. Fortunately, former guitar player Kevin “Dis” McCallister was available, & agreed to help …

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Dec 19

Camden Cruz’s 10 top albums of 2013

I’m Camden Cruz, one of the guitarists of the Floridian Power Metal band Seven Kingdoms. Before we go to the list, I need to say that I didn’t have all the time to listen to all the amazing releases this year. There are several CDs I still need to spin and a lot of other …

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Dec 14

El’s Top 10 albums of 2013

Chris El (Incite/Autumn’s End) Greeetings, I’m El bassist/vocalist for Incite & Autumn’s End. In my downtime you can find me tattooing away at Mastodon Piercing & Custom Tattoo. This year was super busy, but I did manage to catch some pretty rad releases. These are my picks…Don’t judge me! Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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