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Dec 22

Ashley’s Top 10 albums of 2011

1. Darkestrah- Khagan EP 9.24.2011 Label: Osmose Productions (Kyrgyzstan) Darkestrah is a female fronted Shamanic Pagan Black Metal band from Kyrgyzstan that has put out some really great music. However their newest release Khagan, won me over instantly, which doesn’t happen very often… Even though it’s only three tracks it is simply amazing. The songs …

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Sep 28

Thulcandra – Under a Frozen Sun (2011)

Thulcandra is made up of Stefan Kummerer (Obscura), Seraph (Dark Fortress) as well as Tobias & Sebastian Ludwig (Helfhart) and the end result is mind blowing. Thulcandra’s existence is paved from heavy influences by Dissection & Unanimated and man have they nailed it. Their sound encompasses the infamous Swedish Black Death Metal style of raw …

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Sep 27

Warbringer – Worlds Torn Asunder (2011)

Warbringer is a band that has won me over right from the start, and with their third release, Worlds Torn Asunder, they have once again yielded a thrashing masterpiece. There is a great range of tempo changes that keep you engaged and the energy levels are powerful. I definitely recognized some familiar riffs from Slayer …

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Sep 22

Hatesphere- The Great Bludgeoning (2011)

The Great Bludgeoning is Danish metalers, Hatesphere, seventh full-length album since 2001, and second released on Napalm Records. I have not heard any of their music until now. I would say they have taken a modern melodic twist on thrash metal, and they appear to have a fluent style throughout this album. They have some …

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Sep 13

Vader – Welcome to the Morbid Reich (2011)

With the seemingly ongoing change of band members, I have to say that I wasn’t expecting much from Vader’s new album. However “Welcome to the Morbid Reich” is definitely an album worth listening to. I didn’t feel that it was rushed like Necropolis. It has a good flow, with real intensity throughout, reflecting the synchrony …

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