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Aug 15

Seven Heads Ten Horns – The Foreshadowing (2016)

The Foreshadowing has dropped a new album called Seven Heads Ten Horns, and while being worthwhile listen it definitely has some room to explore improvements. A gothic doom metal band hailing from Rome, Italy they are somewhat new to the game only officially starting in 2005 with their full-length debut. I felt the 80s’ and …

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Aug 25

Evergrey – Hymns Of The Broken (2014)

Hymns For The Broken is Evergrey‘s 9th studio album following a three-year wait from the Glorious Collision released in February 2011. A unique part of this album is the fact that we have some returning faces in the band which I felt is the reason I felt reminiscent of Inner Circle (2004) while listening to the album. By no means …

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Feb 11

Liv Kristine of Leaves Eyes talks with The Age Of Metal

Allow me to preface this review with letting all of you know, I was exhausted. Like, could have fallen asleep with zero issues at most shows type exhausted. Fortunately for me, this was not a typical show. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Nov 30

Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies Of The Night (2013)

A Symphonies Of The Night kicks off with beautiful, enchanting music and vocals. After a few seconds it kicks off into a heavier sound which seems to draw more influence than previous albums. I have once album by Leaves Eyes that I went to sleep to every night….Symphonies of the Night is not that album. The …

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Nov 20

Benedictum – Obey (2013)

Beneditium‘s Obey was unfortunately a disappointment for me. Throughout the album you can tell everyone in the band is talented. However, Benedictum’s performance in Obey reminded me of a good bar band, but nothing that would separate or make them exceptionally memorable against any of the other bands trying for the public’s attention. Use Facebook to Comment …

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