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Ashmedi of Melechesh discussed the new album ENKI with The Age Of Metal



After five years between albums, Sumerian Black/Thrash metal act Melechesh comes back with a new & shiny studio album called Enki. The nine songs that composed the album are an array of different musical tendencies that together form the essence of the Melechesh sound we all know and love. Enki continues the Melechesh tradition of delivering a heavy, powerful and exotic album full of double and triple meanings while using millennial middle eastern melodies mixed up with heavy metal riffs.  

Enki opens with Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged a song filled with really sharp guitar riffs, that invites you to head bang ferociously during the six minutes that this song last. The Pendulum Speaks continues the riff fest in a more progressive way. Enki includes guess musicians in some of the songs, you will find Max Cavalera‘s vocals in the song Lost Tribes along with Ashmedi‘s voice, I personally thing this is not only my favorite track of the album, but one of the most aggressive tracks on it.

Multiple Truths is a more passive song, filled up with melodies where the riffs are less sharp, but they are more melodic oriented. some how this song is like a bridge between the second part of the album. Enkil Divine Nature Awoken is the reflexion of the very Middle East influence within Melechesh‘s music, very melodic, exotic and beautiful. The song also includes a guest musician, in this case is Sakis of Rotting Christ who appears sharing vocals with Ashmedi.

Metraton And Man, is another example of how heavy this record could be, once again the protagonist are fast guitar riffs that are not technical, or anything, they are just heavy as fuck. The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli is a more harmonic song filled with really catchy riffs, and that includes a solo by Rob Caggiano (Volbeat, ex – Anthrax). The song can easily could be the most calm and chilled song within the record, yet the composition is amazing. Doors Of Irkala is an instrumental song totally based off middle easter melodies, there is not trace of pounding metal on it, yet it fits the album perfectly as it gives balance and color to it. The Outsiders is the longest song of this album, and it pretty much sums up what Melechesh intended for this album, really heavy riffs, middle east melodies, and meaningful lyrics.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Ashmedi guitar player & vocalist of Melechesh about the meanings behind Enki, the collaborations with Max Cavalera, Sakis, & Rob Caggiano, and their touring plans for 2015, which might include North America.


Interview with Ashmedi of Melechesh by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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