Mar 08

Arve Isdal of Audrey Horne Talks to The Age of Metal


Audrey Horne is that sort of band you don’t imagine existing. With the members taking part in incredibly heavy bands like Enslaved and Sahg, you’d imagine this to sound like some amorphous blob of black metal riffing.

That could not be more wrong: they play classic metal in the vein of Thin Lizzy and others. They’re also really good. Like, you need a record to rock out to on a Saturday afternoon while cleaning the house in your underwear? This is that record. Many of the songs on here are pretty straight to the point.

I spoke to Arve Isdal about Audrey Horne’s plans for the future and how this record came to be. We also discussed the movement that old school metal is bringing about, with bands such as Graveyard playing more old-school music and getting plenty of attention in the States for it. That interview is below.

Arve Isdal of Audrey Horne Interview by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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