May 22

Arsonists Get All The Girls – Motherland (2011)


The Arsonists returned with Motherland a more mature album that its predecessor Portals, and the changes are significative. With the inclusion of more keyboards in a continuing experimental process that its beginning to give fruits. Motherland is their sophomore album with Century Media and a new chapter in AGATG career, with a more technical approach within the Deathcore scene, that clearly breaks apart from what other bands are doing and positioned the band in a whole new level.

The album’s highlights are Gooseknuckle a technical track that step on uncharted land and give proof of the band’s intent in this album of develop something different, continuing with It Was A Memory a very melodic and well structured song that shows a mature musical level. The next track Waiting For The War To Die makes use of a great keyboard sequence that sync perfectly with the guitar’s speed. West Cliff and Temptest are tracks that pushed the drums to the limit with a great use of keyboard melodic base in the background this tracks are another proof of how the AGATG are getting in top of their game while experimenting new combinations, Our Super Symmetry defines what this album is all about, a superior symmetry of sound that implies the musical growing of the band and their status as pioneers in the realm of technical deathcore metal.

Power Tracks:  Our Super Symmetry, It Was A Memory, Waiting For The War To Die, West Cliff, Temptest.

Slow Tracks: Gooseknuckle, Neck Of The Contrast, Dr Teeth, Woebegone.

Track List:

1. Rise to Fall
2. Neck of the Contrast
3. Gooseknuckle
4. It Was a Memoir
5. Dr. Teeth
6. Avdotya
7. Waiting for the War to Die
8. West Cliffs
9. Hemlock Like This
10. Woebegone
11. Our Super Symmetry
12. Will Someone Please Turn Down the Ocean?
13. Tempest


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