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Arsis Discussed ‘A Decade Of Guilt’ 10th Year Anniversary Tour


arsis3March 30th 2004 was the date that Arsis released A Celebration Of Guilt, not only their first full studio album, but a key piece for the basis of the American technical death metal scene. The album is a pure 11 track masterpiece, from beginning to end, that gained a lot positive reviews and comments by fans and media alike for how brutal, fresh, and innovator was the album at the time. 10 years later, Arsis has 4 more albums under their belt, and they are one of the flagship bands of the technical death metal scene. To celebrate the released of this important album, Arsis decided to go on tour and play the album from beginning to end on a 25 date tour around North America along with Allegaeon and Exmortus

Last Monday night, Mosh Pit Army hosted the AZ stop of the tour at the Nile Theater here in Mesa, AZ. Arsis delivered an incredible performance of A Celebration Of Guilt. And regardless that none of the current members of Arsis (except by vocalist & guitar player James Malone) were part of the line up on that album, their performance was flawless and captured the essence of the record. The assistance to the show was not high in numbers as it was expected (considering it was a Monday night), but the energy of the people who assisted to the show was high enough to open up a couple mosh pits. and make the Nile Theater a loud place. The highlights of the show were of course songs like; Dust And Guilt, Return, Maddening Disdain, and Looking To Nothing. Personally my favorite song of Celebration always has been The Face Of My Innocence, that sounded brutally amazing.

It was a unique experience, as many of these songs were seeing the live stage for the first time on this tour, and perhaps would never be played live again. So, if you have the chance of see this tour don’t miss it, it’s a great show, and a once in a lifetime experience to listen the whole album played live.

Before the show, The Age Of Metal caught up with Noah Martin (Bass Guitar), Shawn Priest (Drums), and Brandon Ellis (guitar) of Arsis, we talked about the fan’s response to the tour, how they discover A Celebration Of Guilt, what is Arsis up to now, and more.


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