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Armageddon – Captivity & Devourment (2015)


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Armageddon is the brain child of Christopher Amott (ex Arch Enemy), the band have had several reincarnations since their inception in Sweden back in 1997, and had released four studio albums so far. Captivity & Devourment is their new album in their discography, after Christopher decided to restart the band in 2013 that now resides in New York City. This new album counts with the talents of; Matt Hallquist on Lead vocals, Christopher Amott on Guitar and clean vocals, Joey Concepcion on Guitar, Sara Claudius on Bass, and Márton Veress on Drums. 

Captivity & Devourment delivers 10 intense tracks of pure raw death metal, from the very first self titled track Captivity & Devourment, which is a song filled with twisted riffs, and aggressive lyrics. Locked In, has a lot of background textures, with a bit of stoner swing in the guitar sound, something like a Saint Vitus style on the riffs, but on steroids. Rendition, it’s the heaviest song of the record, and the growling vocals of Matt Hallquist on this track are just intense with a great contrast provided by Christopher‘s clean vocals.

Fugitive Dust, has this electronic vibe that will fool you at the beginning of the song, but slowly it builds up to a more rock and roll style to then go full speed, really nice song, specially the drum sound on this track, it’s just fantastic. Conquer, has this crazy riff going on from the beginning that serves as the spine for the rest of the song, there is not doubt the guitar work on this song is just fantastic, lots of textures and styles to enjoy. Thanatron and Background Radiation are the calm bridge songs of the record, nice acoustic guitar arpeggios, some more technical and complex than other, but at the end they developed into frenzy songs of insane proportions, specially Thanatron.

The Watcher brings back the insanity to the record, and get you back to the head banging mode. once again the vocal duets between clean & growling vocals becomes the definitive factor to enjoy this song. Equalizer, opens with this semi galloping piece that develops into a more breakdown style, but it goes back and forth to give character and sense to the song.

The album closes with 10 Giants, which could be the most catchy song of the album, really melodic guitars eclipsed by more furious and fast riffs that build up the melodic death metal style of the song. Captivity & Devourment  presents itself as a great death metal album that has a lot of Chris Amott‘s style written all over it. The album is just straight forward death metal with some melodies here and there, really enjoyed the fact that you can clearly listen the solo style of Christopher Amott through the whole album without linking him to Arch Enemy‘s sound.

Currently Armageddon is on tour in the east coast, for this tour they have tapped Antony Hämäläinen (Nerviosa, ex Nightrage, Meridian Dawn) to handle the growling vocals, as Matt Hallquist won’t be able to play with them live.

Armageddon & Framework

2/7 Sammy’s Patio – Revere, MA
2/8 Geno’s Rock Club – Portland, ME
2/12 Roxy & Dukes – Dunellen, NJ
2/13 The Legendary Dobbs – Philadelphia, PA
2/14 Guido’s – Frederick, MD
2/16 Cardinal Bands & Billiards – Wilmington, NC
2/19 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
2/20 Cherry Street Station – Wallingford, CT

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆

armageddon - band


1) Captivity and Devourment
2) Locked In
3) Rendition
4) Fugitive Dust
5) Conquer
6) Thanatron
7) Background Radiation
8) The Watcher
9) Equalizer
10) Giants

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Record Label: Listenable Records

Playing Time: 44 Minutes

Line Up:

Matt Hallquist – lead vocals
Christopher Amott – guitars and clean vocals
Joey Concepcion – guitars
Sara Claudius – bass
Márton Veress – drums



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