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Arkona – Slovo (2011)


After two years of absence and an extensive European tour Arkona, returns with their sixth studio album, Slovo, recorded in Moscow, with the participation of the chamber orchestra of the Kazam state conservatory,  the Choir of students of the Moscow state conservatory and special appearances by members of Eluveitie, Rodogost,Svarga, and other folk metal bands.

In this new folk metal tale Arkona takes on Arkam (the ancient city of the Aryans, descendents of the Slavs) the song  tells the story of its destruction, but also its remembrance. Bol’no mne  (It’s painful for me), is a song about the nature and the pain suffered by the hands of men. Leshiy, a forest spirit of the ancient slavs, that guards the doors of the underwold, Zakliatie  (Incantation) is incantation to the God Rod a hymn to whom keep all the living things. Predok (Ancestor) is a prayer during the difficult and dark times to get back to the tranquility of life

Nikogda (Never) is a song about the perversion of the modern life, and the affirmation of staying in the own land for generations. Tam za tumanami  (Behind the mist) tells the story of a woman who died in the frost during winter waiting for the return of her warrior lover, Potomok  (The Descendant) is the legend of an immortal being that appears to people, and whose purpose is the glory of the earth. Slovo  (The Word) is the what is inside of every living and no living thing in earth, is the voice of the nature and the soul of human kind. Odna (Alone) a song about solitude and the desire of run away from the modern world. Vo moiom sadochke… (In my garden) is the sad story of a woman whose only son left to war and never got back. Stenka na Stenku  (Wall on wall) is a slavic name for a fist fight, an ancient slavic form of entertainment. Zimushka (Winter) is the tragic story of an unhappy family, is based on a traditional siberian song.

Slovo represents a huge step forward on Arkona‘s career and show a more mature and secure band. also the concept and the production are amazing, indeed a great album. The folk parts sync with Marsha’s voice and the metal element perfectly. Slovo is a must have album, and don’t miss Arkona on tour in Canada this coming November


01. Az
02. Arkaim
03. Bol’no mne
04. Leshiy
05. Zakliatie
06. Predok
07. Nikogda
08. Tam za tumanami
09. Potomok
10. Slovo
11. Odna
12. Vo moiom sadochke
13. Stenka na Stenku
14. Zimushka





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