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Arkaik – Lucid Dawn (2015)



Arkaik is the kind of band that came out of nowhere but took over our minds. They’re some of the most talented and creative individuals in death metal today, and their newest album Lucid Dawn proves that. Listening to this album will plunge you into an extra-terrestrial world filled with mystery and violence. Overall this is a band you’ll never forget.

The album truly opens with From the Void. This song is a sphere of insanity. With musicianship that’s far from earth this song will plummet you throughout the galaxy. You’ll find yourself floating among murderous double bass, crushing riffs and slamming bass lines. These factors alone will vitiate your oxygen, making it hard to breathe amongst the belligerence.

This band is best known for being one of the bands living on the name of technical death metal. One of the songs on that defines this sound is That Which Lies Hidden. This song is a labyrinth; it takes twists and turns, and you’ll never be able to fully comprehend it. With progressive time signatures and sudden shifts of melody to rapidity this song may reduce you to insanity. The song reaches its zenith of inventiveness when the solo kicks in, there’s so much depth behind the shredding along with a deep undertone. No matter how many times you listen to this song, you may never be able to fully absorb it.

Fleshwalkers distorts life itself. After some harrowing effects, the shredding and complex drumming remain vigorous. A melodious intertwining of piano and violin comes to play, but strikes down quickly with pungent power. The violence gets graphic as an onslaught of obliteration advances on you. Mixed in with solos that convey aptitude and melody, this song will provoke any listener. This is also one of the more vocal songs on the album; vocalist Jared Christianson displays screeching highs to blood-curdling lows throughout this song. Ending with a dexterous bass part is a surprising end to this forceful track. Overall, this song is demented and brutal.

With all of these different styles, Arkaik is a band you won’t be able to forget — especially with songs that won’t escape your mind. Conjuring is an example of this. The symphonic intro is an added component to the annihilation that’s about to ensue. A merciless riffing and drum fill duo accentuate Christianson’s warlike vocals. The aspect about this song that the listener will take is the talent behind the band. Everything from the vocal stylings to the drumming is intricate. Christianson shows his aptitude by delivering raw and multi-tone vocals. Guitar duo Greg Paulson and Miguel Esparza join forces to shred some of the most rapid riffing you’ll hear. Amongst the guitar Ivan Munguia’s bass lines mingle perfectly. And drummer Alex Bent drills inhuman speed into your skull. Overall, these have to be some of the most talented individuals in death metal today.

Arkaik is a band that’s here to stay. Lucid Dawn is claiming them a place at the top of modern death metal. This isn’t a band you can’t fully grasp; rather, let them take you on a trip filled with endless rage. You might as well let them take over your world because this isn’t a band that’s going anywhere.



1 Intro
2 From the Void
3 Digital Shroud
4 That Which Lies Hidden
5 Awaken the I
6 Fleshwalkers
7 Fusion of Epcohs
8 Lucid Dawn
9 Conjuring
10 Temple Aflame

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label: Unique Leader Records

Playing Time: 54 Minutes


Jared Christianson – Vocals
Ivan Munguia – Bass
Alex Bent – Drums
Greg Paulson – Guitars
Miguel Esparza – Guitars


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