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Anthrax – Worship Music (2011)


Anthrax - Worship Music (2011)

Anthrax has had more lineup changes over the years than Nadia Suleman (Octomom) has children, but yet the band has made it 30 years. Their newest album, Worship Music, was actually supposed to come out in 2009 but after the departure of Dan Nelson (singer #8), the band decided to re-record the vocals with then reunited singer, John Bush. However, Bush left before that happened and the band was rejoined, again, by longtime frontman Joey Belladonna. With a now stable line-up, the band released this long-awaited follow-up to 2003’s We’ve Come For You all.

After the intro track, Worship Music kicks off with a swift and powerful kick in the balls entitled “Earth on Hell.” The blast beat to start the track is a foreshadowing of the tasty treats that await. The songs are tight and the guitar duo of Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano spit out some of the catchiest solos the band has laid to tape in years. With the exception of the interludes, “Hymn 1,” “Hymn 2,” and the mid-paced tracks “Crawl” and “Constant,” Worship Music really doesn’t give you much time to recover. “Judas Priest” is a sharp-as-hell slice of heaven that will have you banging your head so hard that your chin will put a dent in your chest. Seriously.

Although the band has had good vocalists throughout the years, for many fans, Joey Belladonna is really the only one that belongs behind the mic. With the huge gap between studio albums and recent exposure the band has been getting with the Big 4 shows around the world, Anthrax needed this album to make a statement. With Belladonna back in the fold, the statement has been made in a huge way. Worship Music is the album fans have been waiting years for since 1990’s “Persistence In Time,” interestingly, the last time Belladonna was in the band.

Track Listing:
1. “Worship”
2. “Earth on Hell” *
3. “The Devil You Know”
4. “Fight’em ‘Til You Can’t” *
5. “I’m Alive”
6. “Hymn 1”
7. “In the End”
8. “The Giant”
9. “Hymn 2″
10.”Judas Priest” *
12.”The Constant”
13.”Revolution Screams” *
14.”New Noise” (Refused cover)

* Editor’s Choice tracks

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