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Annihilator – Suicide Society (2015)



Suicide Society may be the end of life as we know it. Or maybe not, since Annihilator found a way to keep humanity going with fifteen albums! With a band that truly has the power of the world in their hands, this band has proved to be the fiercest force the world has ever seen. And yes – this is their fifteenth album without stopping! Why is it fans are so drawn to Annihilator, and they have a legacy lasting almost twenty years? Well, no band can ever match what Annihilator has accomplished. Suicide Society is another part of this fact, and this album will definitely become a favorite for fans.

The album starts off with the crushing title track Suicide Society. With the album’s start, the listener is left with this provoking track that immediately pulls them into the madness. Whether it is Annihilator mastermind Jeff Waters’ repetition of the “suicide society” phrase or how truthful the lyrics are, this song will be implanted in your brain. Blending catchy riffs with powerful hooks, this song is the perfect equation for a perfect thrash song. And what Annihilator song would this be without a sick solo?

The next song is a lot more vigorous. My Revenge starts off with aggressive riffs meeting galloping drums. Sounding like classic Annihilator, this song will make any listener become unmerciful. Every riff sounds like it’s piercing flesh and leaves a deep cut with the listener. The rest of the song follows progressively: a curt chorus leads into a melodic hook, and the listener easily becomes engulfed in the obscure track.

Creepin’ Again is the song you keep coming back to. It’s far more progressive than a typical Annihilator song, but there’s somehow magic intertwined in all of the chaos. Starting off with a deep bass-y intro, it quickly becomes slashing with fast picking and swift drumming. The chorus is far more melodic, which then curves sharply to a solo. And as with every other Annihilator solo, this one is as pounding and intense as every other one!

Break, Enter is the fastest song on the album! The song starts off really slow, gradually building up all the feelings inside of you. When the song starts, it becomes destructive! With fast-picking mixed with squealy solos, this song is unstoppable. Other than that, yeah typical classic wrathful thrash jam!

The album ends with Every Minute. It is a surprisingly slow jam. Well, as slow as Annihilator can get. If there would ever be a thrash ballad this would be it. Large riffs take over this song, sounding very Metallica meets Guns N’ Roses. Oh, but don’t think Waters skimped out on the riffs! A riff-friendly extravaganza is met all throughout the song! Overall, even the slower parts will be loved by the thrashiest of the thrash fans. This is one of the songs that anyone can appreciate. A great note for Annihilator to end on!

How Annihilator still perpetuates as the most demolishing act in metal will forever be a mystery. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but Suicide Society is by far the best thrash album of 2015. The world will never see another band like Annihilator, and with each release they grow stronger. Annihilator is singular in their style and they remain dauntless. Experience the wrath of Annihilator with Suicide Society!



1. Suicide Society
2. My Revenge
3. Snap
4. Creepin’ Again
5. Narcotic Avenue
6. The One You Serve
7. Break, Enter
8. Death Scent
9. Every Minute

Genre: Thrash Metal

Label: UDR Music

Playing Time: 46 Minutes

Line Up: 

Jeff Waters (vox, guitar)
Mike Harshaw (drums)
Oscar Rangel (bass)
Aaron Homma (guitar)


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